Let’s get to know each other

Grab a cuppa tea & your favourite treat it’s time for me to introduce myself and you’ll learn quickly…I’m a chatter box! ( so it’s going to be a long one🙊)

Hello! My name is Helen & I’m a first time mum. *sounds like an AA meeting 😂👀

So, I’m 27 I live in Pontypridd, South Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 but I’m originally from Cardiff. I live with my partner Matt (who you will learn a lot about) my two cats Coco & Cobweb, and of course our little pudding Charlie who was born on 1st December 2018. I work as a complaint handler (but we don’t need to talk about boring stuff like that!) & Matt is a support worker for people with health conditions.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning, Me & Matt met 6 years ago – on Instagram. No you didn’t read that wrong, we met on Instagram. Now not the Instagram as you know it today, there was no sliding into each others DM’s! Back then the only thing you could do was “like” or “comment” on each others pictures. I can’t remember exactly how it happened but I know Matt followed me, and I thought WHOA he is FIT! 😂 and lucky me he wasn’t too far away living in Llantristant. Now like I said there were no DMs back then, so if your lucky enough to have Matt on IG then if you scroll right to his first photos you’ll find some flirty banter between us 😂😉and that’s were it all began.

I had a suggestion come up about this new app which was called “Instagram chat” so I downloaded it was what I would call your DMs these days. But when I downloaded it, Instagram automatically posted onto my page that I had downloaded it. Lord and behold it wasn’t long till my phone was pinging and it was Prince Charming with more of his cheeky chat!

Now can I just say we spoke to 6 months – 6 MONTHS before we actually met, it still comes up to this day 😂 it all really blossomed when Matt called me drunk one night just as I was getting my kebab from the delivery man from that night on we were on the phone 24/7 my mum used to go mental! We’d be on the phone till 3-4am and she’d come storming into my room telling me to shutup! *charming!* We finally made arrangements to meet up in Cardiff – Matt was late because he was in the pub with the boys and I was convinced he was going to stand me up, but he never he picked me up in his little convertible & off we went.

We had one or two in a few bars then ended up getting a few bottles of rose and got absolutely steaming the night is still a bit of a blur we were so drunk! We saw each other the next day and had a McDonald’s and from then on we were pretty much inseparable.

In 2016 I had a flat in Cardiff which Matt moved Into, and we had Cobweb our first fur baby in the June, then later on in the October we added Coco Pops into the mix! We had decided we wanted to get a house, as we felt we’d outgrown the flat specially with two fur babies running around, but houses were so expensive in Cardiff so that’s when we moved to Pontypridd further up the valleys. We got our first home in September 2017 and we’re still here now and we absolutely love our little house!

That pretty much brings us up to date to today with where we are, I’m going to be speaking about all things relationships/ babies/ weight loss/ fitness/ parenthood/ the highs & lows and everything in between! If you have any questions or have suggestions on what you’d like me to talk about then use the contact me section/comments!

Enjoy! H xx