Let Me Introduce Myself

Grab a cuppa tea & your favourite treat, get settled because this is going to be a long one!

Hello! I’m Helen, and im a first time mum!

I’m 27 and I currently live in Pontypridd, South Wales. (But I’m originally from Cardiff!) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I live with my partner Matt, our two fur babies Cobweb & Coco, and of course our little pudding Charlie, who was born on the 1st December 2018.

Although I am currently on maternity, I do work as a complaints handler (but let’s not talk about that..yawn!) and Matt is a Support Worker for a couple who have health issues. I guess I’ll start by telling you how me & Matt met it wasn’t your standard meeting…

So, we met on Instagram – YES I said it – INSTAGRAM. Your eyes are not deceiving you! Although, let me tell you – it wasn’t the Instagram we all know and love today oh no, let me take you back 6 years ago. Instagram hasn’t long launched and all you have are your “likes & comments” there was no sliding in of the DM’s let me tell you.

As fuzzy as my memory is (I’m still blaming the baby brain) Matt followed me, and I was like WOAH who’s this fitty aye! So after a few flirty comments…. (you’ll see this cringe fest if your lucky enough to have Matt on IG and scroll right to his very first posts there’s a few lurking on there!) They still make us giggle, anyway a new app was being launched which essentially was your DM’s, BUT It was called “Instachat so I downloaded it and it instantly uploads a sponsored post to my feed to tell everyone that I’ve downloaded it – well lord and behold THIS is when Matt slid into my Instachat! Fast forward a few months, we’ve been texting back and forth then one drunken night Matt decides to call me just as I’m getting a takeaway kebab, and from that moment we spoke every day nearly all day! My mum would go ballistic storming into my room at 3am because we were still on the phone! 6 months passed – YEP – 6 MONTHS! believe me this still comes up to this day! Matt finally grew some balls and decided to set a proper date!

So we met In Cardiff town, I was convinced he wasn’t going to turn up because he was LATE I mean like over an hour late because he’d been in the pub with the boys. But better late than never he pulled up in his convertible and I hoped in! Long story short – we got absolutely shit faced on rose wine and had a little smooch. Then we spent the next day together and got a McDonald’s – with the worst hangovers, and from then on we were inseparable! Fast forward a few years and I rented a flat In Cardiff back in 2016 which Matt moved into and we welcomed my first fur baby Cobweb In June of that year! By October Coco had joined us and we were starting to feel like we’d outgrown the place, that’s when our house hunting began! We moved into our first house in September 2017 and we are still here now, we absolutely love it, and although its outside of Cardiff we are very lucky with what we have for what we paid! We have always spoken about having a family, so now we had our house it was naturally the next step.

So that’s us in a nut shell! I’ll be sure to share our super highs and our rockbottom lows, our crazy adventures, the madness of parenthood, my weight loss journey and everything in-between! I promised myself when starting this blog that I wanted to share the honest truth of my experiences so far, so they won’t all be pretty & plain sailing! If you’d like to read more feel free to follow me to get notifications of when I post a new blog and also on Instagram which I will link below!

If you have any questions or would like me to discuss anything then please, feel free to drop me a message in the “contact me” section!

H xx



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