The day in the life of a 5 month old

I say 5 month old Charlie is nearly 6 months now but I thought I’d share a typical day for us at the moment but it varies depending on what we do so it’s a very rough guide!

6:00-7:00am – Charlie wakes up and calls us from his room! He literally wakes up chatting so loud! I either bring him into bed for a cuddle for half hour (depends how tired I am) or we go downstairs.

7:30am – I let Charlie have a kick about on his mat whilst I grab a quick cuppa & make him an 8 ounce bottle. He will normally have his bottle watch his cartoons, and he will start to get tired.

8:00-8:30am – Charlie will go for a nap I let him sleep on the sofa, Matt gets up around 8:30 so will come downstairs. I’ll go up to get changed, do my hair, make sure Charlie’s bag is packed for the day & pick out his clothes.

I go to the gym on a Monday,Wednesday & Friday for 10am so on those days I’ll wake Charlie up if he’s napping at 9:15am although sometimes he doesn’t nap till he gets in the car. If he hasn’t slept I’ll also give him some baby porridge before we leave. Matt leaves around 9:30am for work. 

10:00-10:45 – On a gym day Charlie goes in the gym Creche and I go for a workout. 

11:00am – If we’ve been out Charlie will usually go down for a nap this can be anything from 30 min – 2 hours. If I don’t go home straight away then he usually falls asleep in the car, and I’ll try not to wake him when I get him in & out.

Lunch time (12-1pm) – Charlie will have another bottle (7 ounces) he will also have either fruit purée or veg purée. He will then be awake for around 2 hours. So if we will either go out and do something like food shopping (he loves Tesco 😂) or go see family. If we’re home we do tummy time and play. 

3:00pm-4:00pm – Charlie is normally ready for another sleep anytime around now. He will go down on the sofa watching his baby TV.  I used to put him up in the cot but I don’t mind having him down with me. He will sleeping anything from 30 min – 2 hours. I’ll clean the house,potter around, or catch up on the TV.

5:00pm – Matt gets home from work, and goes straight up for a shower. I’ll make us tea, and I wake Charlie up around 5:30pm if he hasn’t already woken up. Matt will change & play with him, I’ll go up for a shower/bath and let them have time together. 

5:45pm – Charlie has a bath, and will start to wind down for bed. He will have either fruit purée or veg purée. Matt will cuddle him on the sofa and give him a 7 ounce bottle. 

6:15pm-7:00pm – Charlie is normally asleep by now, Matt will take him upstairs to his cot and I’ll start dinner.

Charlie doesn’t wake up for a feed anymore so he will sleep through the night woohoo! He sometimes wakes up crying in his sleep but I just pop in and give him his dummy and he goes straight back off. 

So I know it’s a bit waffly but we don’t really follow a strict routine with him and that works for us!  


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