Bump2Baby Favourite Blogger

I’m super excited to be writing this blog this morning. So last night I stumbled across Bump2Baby.com and a post on the look out for UK Bloggers. I’m really enjoying blogging I just wish I could find more time to write!

Charlie is currently chatting away on his mat, and I have approximately 10 minutes left before he goes into full on melt down mode because he’s had enough! My coffee has gone cold although I’m still determined to drink it.

Anyway back to it, so I emailed the MD last night expressing my interested and linked her to my blog. I’ve woken up this morning to a reply and they have asked me if I’d like to join and blog with them! Buzzing! I honestly didn’t think much of it last night, I literally typed up a quick email and here we are!

I will still be posting on here as it basically works as I link all of my posts from here to there if that makes sense. But I did also decide to make a personal blog page on Facebook so I could link everything there. I don’t know whether I’m just making it more difficult for myself ha!

Ok so Charlie is starting to kick right off so I better neck this coffee and get on with my day!


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