Mothercare Jumperoo Giraffe

So I bought this when Charlie was 3 months old, I actually bought it second hand from a friend on facebook for £30 which was an absolute BARG! They are currently priced at £90 after looking online.

I bought it purely because I felt like Charlie didn’t have many toys which he could actively play with at 3 months. Although he didn’t use it like he uses it now, he defiantly enjoyed it. I don’t like the thought of babies being on their backs all day which is what seemed like Charlie was doing as all he had really to play with was his playmat.

It was really simple to put together, the only thing I find is it takes up a lot of room! It would be handy if you could fold it down when your not using it. Its lovely and bright, it has buttons on which play music and make different sounds which Charlie loves. The elasticated seat swivels 360 which Is great as there are different toys all the way around, which means when he gets bored I can swivel him round to something new!

Charlie doesn’t bounce in it as such, but he jigs up and down when he gets excited. I think as he gets older he will use it a lot more to bounce in. There is a banana which hangs overhead, to this day Charlie still hasn’t noticed it haha! But I’m sure as soon as he does he will be reaching up to grab it! Overall I do like the jumperoo, it gives me 15 min to do what I need to do and keep him entertained and he genuinely enjoys playing in it. I think if you can get it in good condition second hand then go for it, would I pay £90? Probably not as I do think its expensive for what it is. But, it is a good little bit of kit. I’d give this product 4/5.


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