Our Guide To Weaning

We started weaning Charlie at 5 months old and purely on the off chance. We had planned to wait until he hit 6 months (like your told too). I had been in Tesco and there were fruit purée pots on offer for £1 so I thought oh why not. He had been showing absolutely no signs at all that he was ready to wean. I got home sat him in his chair and offered some to him on a little calpol spoon. I had no essentials for weaning! Well, it was the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed, Charlie opened his mouth as wide as he could and started kicking his legs in excitement.

I couldn’t believe it I FaceTimed my mum and we were both in hysterics as he continued to gulp down each spoon I was offering him. I quickly realised I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to weaning, so spent the next hour on google! I also dashed out to Sainsburys to grab some bits and bobs listed below!

I bought a load of the cow & gate 4 months+ pots to see what types of food he liked. Now they can be expensive if your going to use them on their own but great for finding out what they do and don’t like. We still buy them now as we find them handy when we are out. And I don’t mind when they are on offer, currently in Asda they are 12 for £6 and Tesco 5 for £10. I also buy the supermarket own sachets of purées which he loves!

I used the freezer pots to make my own, our favourites at the moment are;

Carrot & Parsnip

Sweet Potato & Carrot 

Apple & Banana

Strawberries, Pear & Banana 

Avocado & Cucumber 

They are super easy to make I normally do them on a Sunday or when Charlie has gone to bed, and I pull them out the day before from the freezer to use. I also have a weaning book of recipes but I’ve found the whole experience really fun! 


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