Precious Moments

The days I cherish the most, the ones where we are locked away from the cruel world outside, just me & you. We can draw the curtains keep our pjs on and all we need is each other. We can play & sit together watching TV…and most of all my favourite thing, like right now. Having you curled up on my lap snoring softly like you do, making your funny noises whilst you sleep. Baby lullabies playing softly in the background, this right here, right now, is pure bliss.

I take it all in, every inch of you my sweet boy. Every rise & fall of your chest, the way your eyelashes flutter whilst you dream big. The way you suckle your dummy back just before it falls out of your mouth. The smell of your hair, Johnson’s, I breathe in a deep breath because I want to remember that smell forever. Your tiny fingers & tiny toes I study them, I want to remember every detail. The softness of your bare legs as I smooth and give them a little squeeze, your getting so chubby now mr! You’ll reach out and grab at my top every now and again, and it reminds me that you need me, and I’m right here baby boy.

These small moments can so often be taken for granted, but i promise I’ll never waste them. My tummy is rumbling and I could really do with a hot cup of tea, my eyes are a bit sore & im a little tired. But I know I could only have this moment for a short while and that means more to me than anything else. 

Because one day, you won’t curl up on my lap and sleep so peacefully. One day which I know will come all too quickly. So for right now, in this moment I’ll kiss your head 1000 times and thank my lucky stars that your mine. I’ll cherish my little baby for these precious moments that we get to spend together, uninterrupted. Just me & you kid, always.


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