Baby Cinema Screening Review

So I only found out about this a couple of months ago, I didn’t even know something like it existed. Me & Matt absolutely love the cinema it’s our favourite thing to do for date nights. Since having Charlie we have only been once! We used to go at least once/twice a month so we’ve missed it terribly.

Anyway I decided to take Charlie to a baby screening of Aladdin at our local Showcase Cinema. They do baby screenings every Thursday morning. I asked my mum if she wanted to tag along, I didn’t want to wing this one on my own as I didn’t know how Charlie was going to react. It’s always good to have some backup! They charge £5.50 for 1 parent & baby which I thought was very good, I paid an extra £5.50 for my mum. 

Charlie had already his morning sleep so I was hopeful that he would be okay throughout the film. We decided to grab a coffee before going in and I tell you what I’ve never seen someone take so long to make 2 coffees! Anyway off we go into our screen, I was shocked to see how full the theatre was! There were prams lined up along the front of the theatre and it was filled with quite voices and the odd shriek or grizzle. I parked the pram and we found a seat near the front to sit, we had already missed 10 minutes of the film due to the slow coffee. We sat down and Charlie’s eyes went wide as he took in all the new things around him. The volume wasn’t too loud and there was low lighting which was perfect. 

For the first 30 minutes Charlie was up and down, didn’t know what he wanted. Would sit there with his mouth open watching for 5 minutes then grizzly the next. To be honest I was surprised at how good he actually was. He could have been a lot worse, he was grizzly but he didn’t cry or scream the place down which was a plus! There were little ones running behind our row but that didn’t bother us, you’d hear the odd few babies having a cry but it was what we’d expected. Finally Charlie gave in and had a sleep on my lap. We were able to enjoy the film despite the cry’s and chatters around us. I expected all hell to brake loose considering the amount of babies & children but it was great. 

Charlie woke up for the last 20-30 minutes on the film, he sat on mums lap and watched it for a while then he would get bored and want to stand up, he was still tired I could tell but again he was really good. Whilst stood on my lap I happened to feel his nappy to check if it was full only to get poo on my finger. Yes I know poo on my hand, it had come through the side. Me & mum started on the giggles as I ruffled through my bag for the wet wipes! Me & my mum are terrible if one of us starts laughing we can’t stop I’m surprised it hasn’t got us into more trouble over the years! 

There wasn’t long left only around 10 minutes so as soon as it finished we wizzed to the baby changing. I got Charlie cleaned up but he was getting irritated as I was trying to dress him so gave up and left him in his nappy & t-shirt. Overall we had a lovely morning, I’m not sure if I would go on my own with him. But I would go again if I had company, if not I’d wait till he is a bit older but it’s a brilliant idea! 


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