Family Day

My favourite kind of day! Yesterday we celebrated my cousin Jeni’s 40th Birthday. It’s not often that we all come together but when we do we have the best days! Jeni had rented out the most beautiful lodge at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. I will link at the end because they were just spectacular! These aren’t your normal lodges, they were like on steroids! The views of the golf course were breathtaking and all were equipped with a cheeky hot tub!

This was an eventful day from start to finish, my sat nav decided to take us completely the wrong way on our way to Usk which was a one way road which we had to take. We started to smell Charlie from the back I knew this wasn’t a good sign! I had said to Matt we should change him back before we left but he was adamant he would be ok until we got there. So I’m blaming this one on Matt! We managed to pull over in a little rest bay off the side of the road. I got Charlie out of his car seat turned him round and he’d come through his jeans! Arghhh I knew it! I was gutted because he looked so smart in his shirt and jeans we had chosen for him.

I started to undress him on the back seat and it was the worst poo explosion I’ve ever seen! (And there’s been a few) all up his back and down to his ankles he was covered. He was flicking poo everywhere (in my new Mercedes may I also add) I’m shouting at Matt to wipe him as I try to control his little legs from flinging more poo around my car and at us! We both had the giggles, it was such our luck! Stuck on a road to bloody god knows and a poo fest! – Brilliant. I think we nearly went through a whole pack of wipes. Charlie laud there smiling and laughing like it was the best thing ever! He ended up in a T-shirt and a pair of joggers – it would have to do! We finally managed to clean him, ourselves and my car and we were off on our way.

I’d text my mum to say we were going to be late, I pulled up maps on my phone and tried again hoping this time it would give us the correct directions! We finally found a roundabout and started coming back down the right way to where we needed to be. We were driving down these country lanes and I could see the hotel was right round the corner when.. “you have arrived at your destination” spoke from my phone. We definitely had NOT arrived we were still in the middle of bloody no where. Matt groaned and I put my head in my hands, why was this so bloody hard to find!? We pulled into a little car park and rang my mum, I sent her my location from my phone and her & my cousins husband came to save us! Turns out we were literally 5 mins from where we needed to be, but as we followed them we knew we never would have found it!

Finally we arrived! We got Charlie out of the car and were greeted by my aunties & cousins, everyone wanted to see Charlie and have a fuss. Me & Matt made our way around everyone to say hello! It wasn’t long before I heard that cry which I know all too well! Charlie gets really overwhelmed when there’s lots of people, he’s great 1 to 1 but in groups he doesn’t cope very well. He was fine as soon as we had him on our lap, he finished his lunch and we had some toys on the floor. Charlie had been sat in between my legs playing, I moved to grab my drink when he toppled onto his side and we heard a wallop where he’d hit his head on the floor. I felt awful and scooped him up quickly as he started to cry but he settled quickly. (Thank god)

There was lots of food laid out on the table and we helped ourselves as we joined in on different conversations. There is always so much to catch up on when we all haven’t seen each other in a while. Charlie was happy enough with my auntie Andrea, she was over the moon that he wasn’t crying because the last few times she’s seen him it’s all he’s done! It’s so lovely when we all come together, and all of the kids. I could see Charlie was flagging as he hadn’t had a proper sleep and had developed this horrible cold so his nose had been running all day. I took him quietly in the corner and off he went to sleep. I caught up with my stepdad and him and Matt chatted away, and we watched little Toby (my cousin Jeni’s boy) play with this toys. He’s 11 months and a little bruiser! It’s funny to think Charlie will be as big as him in next to no time at all!

We had some home made curry made by my uncle Steve which was amazing! Charlie had woken up and my mum had taken him off for a wander. It was getting on by this time and we knew Charlie would be settling down for bed soon so decided it was time to make a move. We said goodbye to everyone which takes a while in itself because there’s so many of us! And off we went, I put the sat nav on and prayed it would get us home in one piece! Thank god it did! We gave Charlie a bath & his food and we had a little cuddle. He was absolutely hanging, he’s been teething badly again too & with a cold so he hasn’t been a happy baby for the last few days.

We are very lucky he sleeps through the night despite being unwell. I put him down upstairs awake as the tv was distracting him, and within 20 minutes of him rolling back and forth his cot he had settled starfishing! We had such a lovely day despite a few hiccups along the way. Family days are the best days and I have the most amazing family ❤️

Hunters Lodge Celtic Manor


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