Consultation – Dr Richard Karoo. Cardiff Clinic

I actually got half way through this blog then forgot to save it and lost it – what an epic fail! Oh well here we go again! So you may or may not know, I’ve been desperate to get my ears pinned back for longer than I can remember. I finally plucked up the courage and booked a consultation 2 weeks ago and yesterday, was the big day!

I was super nervous, but excited. I had a load of questions on my phone ready for when I met Dr Karoo. I spent a long long time researching different surgeons, and Dr Karoo had 5* after 5*. My mums friend happens to work with him in theatre, and it had randomly come up in conversation & she had told my mum how brilliant & lovely he was. Boy was she right!

It took me ages to find a parking space so I was lucky I left slightly earlier, I filled out a quick form whilst I waited. A lovely smiley Dr Karoo came to greet me, as he led me through to his room. I instantly felt at ease the moment we met, he had such a wonderful presence. I explained how I was interested in having my ears pinned back & (possibly) liposuction to my stomach. First we started with my ears, I talked him through what bothered me, and how I’d been bullied relentlessly through school. He moved me to another chair and sat directly in front of me, “please Helen don’t take any offence to what I’m about to say” he said. How could I? This was the nicest person I’d ever met!

So he explained to me what he could do, and that he would have to recreate a fold in my right ear but it could be done. He then stood me in front of the mirror and showed me how they would look. I was thrilled they looked great just what I was hoping for. We sat back down and he explained the procedure in detail aswell as the aftercare. I’d have to wear a head bandage for 1 week then a headband to bed for 6 weeks.

We then moved onto liposuction, now I hadn’t initially wanted to speak about liposuction. But the more I pondered it the more I wanted to know. Since having Charlie 6 months ago I’ve been left with a pouch of stubborn fat, which I call my kangaroo pouch and it really bothers me. I explained all to Dr Karoo and he asked if he could have a look, he called in his receptionist to chaperone. I stood against the wall and lifted up my top, he examined my stomach and my C Section scar. Straight away he turned to me and asked if I was going to be having more children. Of course my answer was yes I was hoping to in the future.

He advised me that he would do a tummy tuck rather than liposuction, as the liposuction would not get rid on the problem area. It would need to be taken away basically, he also said that he would not do the operation knowing I would want more children as

1. Having the procedure then getting pregnant would totally ruin what he had done

2. It would be a waste of money because I’d have to have it re done.

So he advised me that he could do the liposuction to take inches off but it wouldn’t get rid of my pouch, only a tummy tuck. I was so happy that he was honest with me. Also a tummy tuck is a huge operation, so that is off the cards for me right now. I may re visitor after we’ve finished having our family, and see how I feel about my body then but for now it’s not something I would be pursuing.

I agreed I would definitely like to go ahead with the ear pinning surgery, and he told me he would email me in the next few days to arrange a date for surgery. I’m so excited I feel like I’m finally going to get some confidence back! I will update when I know when my surgery day is! But overall it was a brilliant experience and I know already that I made the right choice seeing Dr Karoo!


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