Charlie 1 – Mummy 0

It’s happened I’ve had one of those days with Charlie, don’t get me wrong most of the time he’s an absolute angel and I thank my lucky starts. Not today oh no. Today was a shit day.

He seemed ok all morning we played, he slept, messed round with his food a bit but generally he was happy. He fell asleep around 2pm, and woke not long after around 3. This is when it happened from 3pm-5pm he screamed blue murder.

He cried, and kicked his legs in distraction, I tried everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Cuddles – nope he just hit me in the face and arched his back in pure fury. Bottle – whacked that out of my hand no thanks! Didn’t even bother with food. Changed his nappy – had a job getting it back on. Still angry & crying. Tried to play with him – get out of my face mum. Took him for a walk in his pram – don’t like that. Nothing was working, I decided to take him upto his cot to see if he would settled. Would he HELL, his shrieks got louder, he whaled, he thumped his fists and feet down on the cot.

I sat on the stairs, my head absolutely pounding like it would explode. I kept looking at my watch, surly Matt should be home by now it had been an hour & half of terror. I text him where are you????? I was praying he would walk through the door – just leaving, he replied. Great at least another half an hour before he gets home. I gave in and went back in picked Charlie up and attempted to try again, we went downstairs and I sat him next to me with baby tv.

He wiggled back and forth, huffing and puffing, winging. I tried to cuddle him again but he kept pushing me off. I could feel my eyes starting to burn, as my headache thumped away. Finally I hear the door go and Matt pops his head round, “I’ll be 2 min and I’ll take him” – that was the quickest shower he’d ever had, it must have been the look of pure exhaustion on my face. He came back down and took Charlie off me and told me to go have a bath, and he didn’t need to tell me twice!

20 mins later he brought Charlie in for a quick bath with me so he could get him in his PJs ready for bed. He’d settled but still had the odd grizzle. After a bit I got out and got myself into my pjs and start to write this blog. It was a tough day!


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