I hope you can all guess from the title what happened today! 👀💩

After yesterday’s meltdown I was hopeful that we were going to have a better day today! Our day started at 6am, Charlie was wide awake chatting away shouting in his crib. I normally try and get him to go back to sleep but it was clear from the huge smile that greeted me, that he was ready to get up!

Charlie is always a very happy baby in the morning, it makes getting up so easy! We go downstairs, play, he has his bottle, he will normally sleep before I go to the gym. But today he didn’t, and I had gym early @ 9:15am so he was happy enough awake. I drop Charlie off at creche and do my 30 min group workout which I love. I picked Charlie up and could smell he had done his business, so I changed him before setting off to my dental appointment.

We got there early, so we sat in the car Charlie still hadn’t slept but was happy entertaining himself. It wasn’t long till we were due in, so I thought I’d pop round to him to play. This is when it happened the POONARMI! I opened the car door and Charlie gleamed at me smiling and cooing. Now I didn’t notice straight away, it was only when the smell hit me like a tonne of bricks making me gag that I saw it.

He had poo’d and it had gone everywhere! And I mean everywhere, all up his leg which he proudly held up to show me a massive lump. I burst into a fit of laughter, the more I laughed the more he giggled. I didn’t even know where to start! I grabbed my bag and wiped out the wet wipes and started wiping him down and collecting lumps of poo. I gagged as I threw the dirty wet wipes on the side of the curb whilst I figured out what to do next.

I quickly took a few snaps and sent them to Matt & a group of my friends. I had texts bombarding through of them all howling. It made me worse, I couldn’t stop laughing. I picked Charlie out of his car seat and laid him on my front passenger seat. He giggled and wriggled around, wiping poo all over my leather seats. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I was worried that we were going to miss our appointment and if we did we’d be struck off from the dentist as I’d already had to cancel once before. I managed to strategically undress him without getting more poo over him as it was all on his clothes.

He layed there naked cooing and smiling, I wiped him from head to toe over and over, and just prayed that he wouldn’t wee. After a struggle I managed to get a nappy on him and a vest & joggers. That will have to do I thought! We were cutting it so fine! I popped him into his other car seat (thank god I had a spare!!!) and off we went. I laughed to myself as we walked over to the dentist, and by sheer luck my dentist was running late so we were fine!

So a very eventful day for us, one which I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Definitely a photo for his 18th don’t you think!


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