It’s been a rough one

Let me start by saying, we have been extremely lucky with Charlie that he is generally 99% of the time a happy baby. This week has been a bit different. I can’t tell exactly what has caused it to be such a hard week but I think I’ve got a good idea….teething!

Oh the dreaded teething, it really is horrible. No one ever told me how awful it is, seeing you baby in constant pain and there is next to nothing you can do about it. This all started last Sunday, I thought he was just going through a grizzly phase. You know having an “off” day as it were. We’re now nearly a week in, and I’d say yesterday was probably our best day. So I’m hoping it’s starting to ease off. Charlies 3rd tooth is cutting through! I can’t believe how quickly they are coming, but they are really upsetting him.

It’s been a constant battle all week, he doesn’t know what he wants, he’s been fighting me, fighting his naps. Every time I’ve tried to comfort him it’s made him scream even louder. He’s also into grabbing my face which actually quite hurts, along with pulling my hair! He’s usually a great sleeper! We’ve been blessed for the last 6 weeks that he’s been sleeping through. This has also gone downhill, he is still awake for over an hour when we put him down. He screams which means me & Matt are back and forth multiple times, the one way to settle him is for me to take him in our bed and cuddle him to sleep. Matt then has the job of moving him to his cot without him waking up, if he does it’s game over and we start again

He also started waking in the middle of the night and screaming so I had to go back and forth until 3am to which I gave in and brought him into bed with me. He settled till 5am then was wide awake again but no way was I getting up so I managed to get him to sleep till 6am and we’re up for the day. He’s really really grizzly, I took him to meet my mum for coffee on Thursday and he screamed the place down just as we got our drinks so we decided to take them to go and pushed him in his pram until he fell asleep.

We have tried all the gels, teething rings, calpol you name it we’ve tried it! I hope his teeth settle down soon I hate seeing him so upset. It breaks my heart! Saturday we went to go for breakfast and it was like a race to gulp it down before he screamed the place down, it was also so so so HOT which just made things worse. We tried to go for a walk but it was just too much for all of us. Today we’ve had a nicer day, we popped off to St Fagons to have a look around and it wasn’t too bad, the weather was cooler and Charlie seemed to tolerate things much better. I’m hoping he has a better week this week, I don’t think I could bare to see him like this much longer!


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