Charlie @ 7 months

So I thought I’d give a little update on Charlie! He was officially 7 months old on the 1st July. I feel like he’s come on leaps and bounds in the last 2 weeks alone. My baby is growing before my eyes, he amazes me every single day.

He can no sit up fully unaided, I felt this almost just clicked over night. He went from a wobbly drunk to a solid sitter, he even puts his hands out if he goes off balance to support himself. Since when? 😂 so I have no trouble with putting him sat down and popping into the kitchen. I can look around the corner and within two minutes he’s rolling round again.

Charlie is full on his weaning now, we are still on three 8 ounce bottles a day. Morning, as soon as he wakes up. Mid day/lunch time (this can vary given his naps) and one just before bed. I’ll also add in a few things which he’s eating now. He is still having the purée sachets & jars from cow & gate/ ASDA’s little angels, this is because 1. It’s a huge time saver 2. They constantly are on offer so I don’t find it expensive. 3. Charlie absolutely loves them. 4. They are so handy if we are out & about.

Morning: Porridge/toast/banana pancakes Lunch: Omelette, Jam Sandwich, Avocado,Fruit. Dinner: Veg, pasta, cod/salmon, chicken. Snacks: fruit fingers, banana biscuits, fruity puffs.

Charlie is an absolute dream at night time (please don’t jinx🙈🤞🏻) for around the last 2 months he has slept through, he usually goes to bed anytime between 6pm-7pm and will sleep through till 6am/7am. I know that we are very very lucky! He does have the odd rough night but this is rare. I generally only go in to check on him, sometimes he will cry because he’s lost his dummy down the side of the cot and I’ll have to bring him a new one. But we started not going in straight away when he would cry for it and he slowly got used to not having it, so 90% of the time if he loses it he just goes back to sleep.

Charlie now has 4 teeth!!! 😧🦷 teething hasn’t been a pleasant experience to say the least. But he now has his two bottom front teeth and his two fangs have started cutting through. He has been more settled in the last few days but last week was a really hard week with teething.

He is coming on leaps and bounds, he’s gurgling every day and I often hear a new sound! He’s also managing to get up onto his knees and do a few rocks back and forth but at the moment nothing more and he goes back to the floor. He is absolutely everywhere though! I can turn my head and he can be across the other side of the room. I can’t wait to see how he gets on the next few weeks! I don’t think it will be long until he’s on the move crawling….wish me luck!



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