IKEA – Antilop Highchair With Tray. Product Review

We didn’t mess around when it came to highchairs. We just knew we needed one, weren’t bothered about colours,brands or how funky it looked. We just wanted a secure highchair with a decent price tag – and boy did we find it!

We picked up the Antilop Highchair with Tray & support cushion from Ikea. I can honestly say it’s one of the best things we’ve bought. The only thing I found strange was all the pieces are displayed separately rather than as a package, but hey whatever it is what it is.

The chair itself with the tray is priced currently at just £12!!! Like what an absolute BARG! And you could just use this, but the chair on display had the cushion too so we opted for this which was an extra £6 so all in all it cost us just £18. Bloody Brilliant.

Assembling the chair couldn’t be easier, the tray was a bit dodgy to start with but Matt managed to clip it down firmly. It has straps in which can easily be adjusted to suit you & your baby. Everything is wipeable to quick to wash down after a messy meal.

The cushion in inflatable again, takes no time to blow up then fit the cover over and your off to go. This product was exactly what we needed, simple, lightweight, excellent value for money and does the job.

My overall rating for this would be 5/5✨

If you’re looking for something different, SmartSprogs have a great article on highchair chair options for your baby! This is a great option if your struggling to find the right one for you! 😊


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