To iPad or not to iPad?

From even before I was pregnant me & Matt always categorically said there was no way on this earth we would be letting our child play with our phones/iPads. It’s the one thing which really bugs the hell out of me. (Obviously no offence to those parents who let their children use them) but for us it’s a huge No.

I’m happy to say 7 months in and Charlie has never had our phones or iPads, he’s blissfully unaware of the gadgets which are constantly stuck to our hands – too much! And that’s how we intend to keep it. I get it, believe me I get it. If your child is screaming blue murder and you can’t calm them down, and the only thing that will restore normality then go for it!

I think the only time we will ever use our phones/iPads for Charlie will be on our flight over to Spain in September. But I’m hoping we can avoid it! We shall see!! I don’t want him getting into a habit of thinking he can scream & cry and we will just hand it over. So for now we are using cuddles for when he’s upset and that’s working for us!

I guess the reason why I’m dead against it, is because I think of my childhood and growing up. I’m so glad we didn’t have today’s technology, we played outside, made dens, knocked for our friends. It was the best! I hate to see kids sat in staring at a screen, we as adults already do it way too much.

Whenever Charlie catches a glimpse of me on my phone I end up launching it across the sofa or putting it in my pocket. I can see those eyes light up wondering what this new thing is, and he will not be finding out haha!

So everyone is different, I hope I can keep Charlie away from YouTube & games on my phone for as long as I can, but I know there will come a time down the road where he will beg me for a phone! But for now I’m going to make sure he interacts with us and other children just like we did!


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