Fighting Naps

As you can tell by the title I’m dedicating this blog to the struggle of babies fighting their nap times!

Charlie is an absolute dream when it comes to going to bed at night, we take him up and put him down is his cot awake. 9/10 he goes off to sleep on his own without us having to go upto him. There may be the odd dummy change but apart from that he’s near enough perfect.

But what I have struggled with recently is his day time naps. Charlie has been an absolute nightmare especially this morning. He decided to wake up at 5am 😣 I brought him into our bed, luckily Matt had fallen asleep downstairs so I had the bed to myself. He wriggled and shouted his little head off, every time I pulled him in for a cuddle he would force himself away from me. I was so tired I didn’t have it in me to try make him go back to sleep so I let him carry on next to me.

After around an hour he finally gave in and slept next to me. I felt like I’d closed my eyes for 10 minutes when I could feel Charlie scratching at my face & pulling my hair it was 7:30am. I definitely had to get up this time! We went downstairs, and did our usual routine play, bottle & nap. But it was not to be this morning! Despite rubbing his eyes relentlessly for an hour he would not give in and go to sleep.

I decided to take him upto his cot to see if he would settle there, but how wrong was I. For the next hour he screamed the house down. I went in a few times to give him his dummy but after the third time decided to stop. He will often manage to settle himself to sleep without a dummy and me & Matt had already decided that we didn’t want him relying on us coming in constantly every time he cried.

I sat at my dressing table drying my hair, and the sound drowned out that of the baby monitor. I could see but the flashing of lights he was still screaming. I hate hearing him cry I find it really difficult so I usually go downstairs and watch him on the monitor. After what seemed like forever he finally gave in and 9:30am and went to sleep. We’re back in the same position for his afternoon nap, as I sit typing this blog with the baby monitor to my side I can see those flashing lights again.

It’s difficult when they start to fight their naps especially when those little eyes which are red raw gaze up at you. I’m hoping he will in time go off to sleep on his own like this morning. I’ve already been up twice for his dummy so I’m praying he refrains from throwing it out of his cot so I can manage some lunch. I know it’s hard to leave them cry but it does them no harm, the only time I do go in is if I can see he’s really working himself up into a state. But usually it’s just he’s so so tired and wears himself out.

We’re all in this together! ✨🤞🏻


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