Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – Product Review

If you haven’t got yourself one of these then you are seriously missing out on life. This product is hands down our best ever buy! We struggled the first few weeks when I swapped from breastfeeding to bottle. Making up fresh bottles every 4 hours, doing it half an hour before because we had to wait for the kettle to cool. Oh god what a bloody palarva!

I’d first seen the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machines whilst wandering around mothercare with my mum whilst I was pregnant. I remember rolling my eyes at it as I picked my jaw up from the floor after seeing the price (£125!!!!) Oh they will bring out anything these days we both said to each other as we picked up all the different gadgets and laughed.

Oh how wrong we’re we about this one! A few weeks passed and I’d heard raving reviews about this thing. Me & Matt were still in the cycle of making up our own bottles early hours and it was killing us. Then one day matt had found a second had one on eBay for £30. “It’s worth a shot” he said, and I agreed. What did we have to loose really for £30?

We received it within a few days but the bottle stand had snapped, it didn’t make a difference to the machine but Matt let the sender know. To our luck she refunded him and got her money back through the delivery company as they’d damaged it. WINNER WINNER!

I found a video on YouTube on how to work it and was amazed as to how easy it was. We put a new filter in and added the water and waited. Once the water had filtered through we decided we would give it a whirl. I changed the dial to the number of ounces we needed, and pressed the button. The machine dispensed around 2 ounces hot water and beeped. We then had 2 minutes to add our formula, I added our scoops and pressed the button again and cold water was added to make up the ounces we needed. Once it was done it beeped to let us know.

Me and Matt looked at one another in disbelief, that was it? A bottle ready to go in under 2 minutes at the correct temperature really??. This was life changing. Surely we’d missed something right? WRONG! This machine was bloody Brilliant! I googled again to make sure we’d followed the instructions and we had, it was THAT simple. From that day forward we have never looked back. It’s been an absolute god send.

Looking back now would I have paid £125 for it had I known how it would help us? ABSOLUTELY.

Obviously £125.00 is a lot of money, and although I think it is definitely worth the money. If you decide to get one second hand for a fraction of the price like we did then go for it! Just buy a new filter which is around £10.95 from amazon. The filters need to be changed every 3 months but the machine will flash up when it needs changing. There is also an option to do a clean which will clean through the whole system.

I dropped it over to my mums when she was having Charlie for a few days she looked at me rolling her eyes, saying she probably wouldn’t bother using it as she’s used to using the kettle. By the time we came back it was a different story she couldn’t believe how good it was!

I am giving this a easy 5/5✨

Currently on offer in mothercare for £79.99

John Lewis £69.99 as of 15th July 2019.

Comes in black & white and possible a few other colours depending on the website. I believe there is a newer version out aswell now called “Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night” which I haven’t tried this is £129.99.


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