Kicking the habit

For those who know me well, will know that I was a fairly heavy smoker for a number of years. Well I say heavy what do they class as heavy these days? I could clear a pack of 10 in a day if I really wanted too.

I started smoking when I was around 17/18 I can’t tell you why I just did. A lot of my friends smoked and I was out clubbing a couple of times a week which fuelled it. I also found it was definitely a social thing. My mum absolutely loathed it! She used to go ballistic when I would come home stinking of smoke. She had a nose like a blood hound, I would frantically shuve a load of chewing gums in my mouth and spray half a can of body spray over me to try mask it before walking through the door.

So when I think about it bloody hell i smoked for a good 10 years. It’s so easy to slip in and out of I was fortunate that I could if I wanted to, go without a cigarette for a few months. Specially if I’d been going a bit mad with drinking aswell and felt like a little detox. But come a Friday night I wouldn’t hesitate picking up a few packets for a night out. Matt always said to me you should just quit you find it so easy, and he was right I did. But it was also just as easy to go back too. When I met Matt in 2013 we were both smoking so it’s just as easy to smoke more when your both together.

I had always said if I ever have a baby I will stop for good, I think if there’s anything that can make you stop a bad habit it’s a child. The last 6 months before I got pregnant me & Matt had decided to go on the vapes to start stopping but who were we kidding, as soon as we had a bicker or one of us was stressed we’d have a cigarette. The day I found out I was pregnant was the day I knew I’d stop smoking, had it not been for the events that followed. I didn’t even vape that day, not until that afternoon when my mum called me and told me that my dad had suddenly died.

It’s not something I’m proud of but I did smoke. I smoked for the next 2 weeks. I did try my hardest to cut it down, as I was conscious I was pregnant. But, as soon as the funeral was done that was the last time I ever smoked. Cigarette & vape! And for that I’m extremely proud of myself. I went through turmoil the months which followed my dad’s death. But this baby I was growing meant more than anything to me.

I’m pleased to say Matt also stopped, he took a bit longer but I would drum it into him. I would get so mad if he came in stinking of smoke, I could finally understand how my mum felt! The smell would hit me like a tonne of bricks and make me gag. I was so proud of matt when he gave up too! I always keep a little tracker on my phone to remind myself how far I’ve come. I will never EVER smoke again in my life. I can see the benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle. I can run, I can breathe! I can smell! Hands down the best thing I ever did.

I used the “Smoke Free” app – you put in your quit date. It tells you:

▪️How long you haven’t smoke

▪️Reduced risk of heart disease

▪️Decreased risk of lung disease

▪️Decreased risk of heart attack

▪️Amount of money saved

▪️Annual saving

▪️Cigarettes not smoked

▪️Cravings Resisted

▪️Life regained

▪️Time not spent smoking

It’s a fab app with so much information, I’m a visual person I like to track process and see my goals. So this app was great for me, if I ever felt a wobbly coming over I’d just open it up. And it reminds me how far I’ve come!

So if your struggling to kick it, believe me I know it’s hard! But it’s mind over matter, your mind is very powerful. You can do it, just believe in yourself and you’ll succeed ✨

My time smoke free 1 Year 3 months & 24 days!💕


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