I signed up to a PT!

I’ve done it I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a online personal trainer. I felt like I could do it on my own but I just can’t. I eat fairly well because I like a lot of healthy foods but obviously, I’m doing something wrong or I’ve hit a brick wall, because I’ve just stopped loosing weight. Matt has been banging on about this personal trainer for months and months. I’ll admit I have browsed through his Instagram a number of time but never bothered committing. It was only until last night as Matt brought it up again, but this time that he was interested in doing it! That’s when I really took notice of the conversation.

Now one thing I have to mention is living with Matt is the worst when I’m trying to diet. He has super fast metabolism which means he can basically eat what he wants and not worry about his weight, that is until the last year! Where little Brucey, as I call him (Matilda film 😂) started to see a little dad belly appearing! To be fair matt has always had a incredible 6 pack, and when we first met he was in the best shape he’d ever been in. ( so was I!) but time goes by, we get very comfortable in our relationships and ultimately forget to look after our physically appearance.

Anyway, Rory who’s an online personal trainer had an offer on his packages. Which meant we would save 50% off if we booked within the next 10 days. There was a choice of a £30 per month plan or £75 for 3 months. No brainier really! Also, Rory is known to incorporate foods which you wouldn’t associate with diet and training such as, McDonald’s, that’s right I said it – MCDONALDS! Crazy right!? He’s super successful, and matts friend had recently done a plan with him and had amazing changes. So we both thought why the hell not!

I need a kick up the backside and Matt definitely does. The boy owns a gym membership which he never uses – but can tell you how many people are in the gym on his app 😂 so I officially signed up last night and received my personal workout & meal plan this morning. I had to input a bit of information about me like height, weight, body fat etc. I was pleased to say the meals are very similar to what I have at the moment, there are a few which I’m excited to try which I wouldn’t normally even think of.

Matt is going to do his today or tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he gives Matt. He’s warned me I have to be strict with him, which I will! He needs to be kept in line because he will easily clear a pack of bourbons in one sitting. Don’t know how he’s going to cope without his biscuits 👀

So I thought I’ll keep a little blog to see how we get on, weekly rather than daily. I have a weekly progress meeting with Rory anyway so he can monitor how I get on. It will be interesting to see our results. I opted for a home workout plan just because I’m off the gym for another week anyway. So it means I can do them when Charlie is asleep or in bed, hopefully Matt can join me and it will be our evening routine!

Wish us luck!

H x


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