Otoplasty Recovery

Thought I’d keep a little log of how my recovery has been since having my Otoplasty surgery. (Commonly known as Ear Pinning) if you haven’t read my Consultation & review of the surgery yet then I suggest you jump back and give them a read first!

Saturday 13th July – 1 day post op.

I’d woken up feeling horrendous my first night was really bad I had next to no sleep and really had a shock with how much pain I’d been in. I’ve written a fair bit in my previous blog up to Saturday morning so this is a follow on from then. Mum came to the hospital around 10:30am I had my breakfast, showered and got all my things together. We waited for my day nurse Sarah to come discharge me. She brought me a discharge pack containing info about my out patient visit next Friday & a bag of my medication which included, co-codamol, ibrufen & my antibiotics. We talked about when to take them to make sure I was constantly topped up. I spent most of the day with Matt & Charlie at my mums, I was still really really tired. After they left I went upto bed to rest. I tried to have some food in the night but was sick so ended up going back to bed. I was still in a fair amount of pain, the best thing to do was to just sleep as much as possible.

Pain rating was 6/10

Sunday 14th July – 2 days post op

I woke up feeling a bit better but took my painkillers straight away. Id slept better which was good I felt a bit fresher. I spent a few hours with my mum before she dropped me back home. Sunday was a pretty laid back day spent some time with Matt and the baby then chilled out in front of the TV when Charlie went to bed. I didn’t have an amazing night sleeping, it’s hard to get comfortable when I can’t put any pressure on my ears. I was back to Charlie a few times for his dummy. Luckily he slept through till 6:30am.

Pain rating 6/10

Monday 15th July – 3 days post op

I found getting up with Charlie harder than usual. I could feel my ears throbbing so knew I needed to get some painkillers down me. We didn’t really do anything all day Monday, I stayed in and played with him and we watched TV. We couldn’t really go anywhere even if I’d wanted to because Matt had to borrow my car for work as his was in the garage. Charlie has gone back to fighting his naps again so I ended up waking him around the block in his pram to get him to go to sleep. I had to go up to sleep when Matt came home because I was absolutely exhausted. Matt made dinner and we watched love island & I headed to bed. Charlie slept really well so I only got up once to check on him. Bandages really hurting me, had to rub sudocrem on my neck as it was red raw and padded them out with cotton wool.

Pain rating 5/10

Tuesday 16th July – 4 days post op

Charlie had be up at 6:30am which I was okay with! We stayed in again all day, he was having a really grizzly day and I had an ok sleep but was still really tired. He fought his naps all day so I ended up taking him out in his pram again to get him to fall asleep. Matt wasn’t feeling well when he got in from work so we didn’t really speak to each other. I made myself dinner as Matt wasn’t hungry and we had a quiet night in front of the TV. I still was having pain throughout the day but it was bearable. Also finding my bandages really itchy and uncomfortable. Can’t wait to get them off Friday.

Pain Rating 5/10

Wednesday 17th July – 5 days post op

Feeling really sore today when I woke up. Charlie had me up at 6:30am, he was really fighting his sleep this morning and shouting the house down. I managed to get my head down when he did finally give in. We left the house around lunch time, I had to knock at my old address for my parcel but no one answered (currently in a dispute with boohoo) don’t ask! I went to visit my Auntie, she was looking after my cousins son Toby. My mum popped down too so was nice to catch up with them both. Then had to go for a meeting about remortgaging so met Matt there, then finally came home. Charlie is absolutely exhausted but won’t go to sleep so he’s just crying I’m hoping he will give in soon! Pain has been hit & miss today. Can’t wait for FRIDAY!

Pain rating 5/10

Thursday 18th July – 6 days post op

Woke up very very sore not sure if it’s because I missed a set of my tablets yesterday that I’ve just fallen behind on being topped up. I took them first thing tho. I’m getting really bloody nervous about the bandages coming off tomorrow. My ears feel very very sore and I keep having this dream where Dr Karoo takes my bandages off and my ears fling back 👀 let’s hope for the best! Today we are had a quiet day, I missed love island last night so I’ll catch up on that later. I’m getting that nervous feeling in my belly about tomorrow I really hope I love them! Nothing else exciting worth writing about!

Pain rating 4/10

Friday 19th July – 7 days post op – D DAY!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for woohoo! I get my bandages off today the only annoying thing is that I have to wait till 7pm! What a bloody time to have them taken off. And it’s an awkward time because Charlie goes to be from 6pm so it means I have to go on my own, which is fine but I would have liked to have had Matt with me. But my mum has offered to meet me there which is good! I feel like my ears are all squashed & folded under these bandages so let’s hope that’s NOT the case 😂 I’m not doing much today it’s going to be another quiet day really with Charlie, I haven’t liked going out too much because the looks I’ve had just make me feel really uncomfortable! I am going to pop down to my mums with Charlie as she’s got Isla who is sort of my niece? Step niece? Anyway we are off to see them later on, then I have to drop Charlie home ready for Matt then off I go!

Pain rating 2/10 a lot better today! I’ve found the pain has gone down just not drastically, I can just constantly feel it it the background but it’s definitely got a lot better.

I’ve decided to do a separate blog on the results and my reaction! The countdown is on😁 can’t wait to see them! 🤞🏻


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