The Working Mum

It seems like the day will be coming around all too quickly, but I will In the near future be a “working mum”. I’ll be honest the thought of going back to work makes my stomach do somersaults. I am definitely not in the slightest ready to be away from Charlie.

As hard as it is, I absolutely love being at home with Charlie. I love our sofa days and I love our adventure days. So, the thought of not being able to do that as often does make me sad!

I’m hoping I can go back to doing around 2 days a week in work. But, I’m not sure whether I will be allowed. Problem is the more days I do the less point it is that I go back to work, purely because the child care costs are crazy! We are very lucky that both my mum & matts mum are happy to help out. But with that being said I will not expect either of them to take Charlie on full time.

The ideal situation would me being able to work from home. That, in my current role is not an option which is a shame. So my only other option would be to look for another job, with the option or something more flexible.

Also, the current drive from home to work is around 18 miles each way. Which is a drain on the petrol! So something closer to home would definitely help. I’m not sure what I want to do at the moment but I know I need to get the work/life balance right not just for us as a family but for our lovely mums who are happy to help!

I know that some mums aren’t that lucky to have family to help with childcare, so either have to pay for it or they do less hours. It’s such a sticky situation. I’m currently not due back to work until the end of December, so I have got a while to make some decisions. Matt has always said he will support whatever decision I make.

I have been lucky that my current work have been extremely helpful when it comes to hours & days providing it gets excepted, so fingers crossed it all works out and I can stay where I am.

So for now, I’m going to enjoy my time with my boy. For I don’t know how long I’ll be able to get this precious one on one. I think I’ve finally decided to stop worrying about it so much, at least for a few more months!


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