I let my dream business go

Today was a sad day, today I decided that I am letting my semi permanent makeup business go.

This decision didn’t come lightly, I have mulled it over for months in my head. These types of business need 100% commitment which I thought I would be able to give, but truth is I simply can’t.

The endless amount of money being wasted every month was keeping me awake at night. I battled with the thoughts of the fact I’ve already invested a lot of money in to not be getting anything back. I worked hard on my training, but with the semi permanent industry growing at rapid speed so do the competition.

There are some amazing artists out there, people who can fully commit to their businesses 100% of the time, and it shows. So, today has been a tearful day. I thought I would be able to do it part time, but I can’t. Now Charlie is here there’s so much more to think about. I realised I was travelling to do an hours consultations, to possibly not even get a booking. What a waste of my time, and a waste of a day.

A day I could have spent with my baby. Not to mention finding childcare for that time. It just doesn’t work for me. So, I called up my mum like I always do, and will always do no matter how old I am, and I sobbed down the phone as I told her my plans to close this chapter of my life. My mum understands completely and could hear how upset I was. She said she would support me 100% and understood why I was making this decision.

She offered to have Charlie for me so I could go and get my nails done and have some time to myself. Something which is very much needed. I text Matt a long message of how I was feeling and as always, he tried lifting my spirits and again said he would support me no matter what. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful support network around me. Today, is one of those days where I’ve really felt extremely sad.

Once I started crying I couldn’t stop, even now writing this blog I can feel a lump in my throat. I really wanted it to work, but it hasn’t and that’s just how life goes sometimes. When I look at Charlie beaming at me, and I’m feeling like a complete failure I know at least I have got something right!

So as this door closes let’s hope another one opens, onwards & upwards with my beautiful family.

H x


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