A Stranger Touched My Baby

It is as weird as it sounds. I’m still sat here wishing I’d said something but I was in so much shock and it was quick that I just didn’t.

Yesterday me & Matt decided we would head to Caerphilly as they had the annual “Big Cheese” event and we both had never been. It was heaving & hot but we wanted to get out for the day. As we entered there was a fair ground and food & craft stalls all around.

We set of towards the food & craft stalls as we didn’t fancy going around the fair ground. The tents were boiling and crammed with people, I navigated the pram through the crowds as we tried to pop our heads by the stalls to grab a few freebies! Brownies and chocolates were on offer so we were never going to turn them down!

I spotted my favourite stall Cusan Cream Liquor. I first found these back at Cardiff’s food & drink festival with my mum, their liquors are to die for! I’ve still got two big bottles at home but promised my mum I’d grab her another one if we saw them. I darted over and rang her quick to check which flavour she wanted as I knew they would be close to selling out by now on the final day, but I managed to bag her a salted caramel our fav! 😋

After browsing a few more stalls we decided to have a walk around, we stood trying to pick out which food queue was the shortest as we were both starving but they were all equally as long. In the end we decided on a BBQ stand it smelt amazing, so walked to the end and joined. We chatted as we waited, there was a young girl and her mum & dad in front of us and we smiled as we watched her giggling playing with her dad.

There were so many people and they were cutting through the queue where we were stood to get to the another side, quite annoying! This happened even as we moved closer to the stall. A middle aged woman started to walk past us cutting through, when she briefly stopped and leant into the pram where Charlie was gave him a squeeze are carried on. I stood there dumbfounded at what had actually just happened. I looked at Matt then to the pram and back again.

“Yeah no problem just touch my baby that’s fine” I said sarcastically, she had already been out of earshot by then and I wished I’d said it sooner. “Can you actually believe she just did that?” I said to Matt and he looked at me just as confused as I was. The women in front of us turned around and said “I thought it was really weird too who does that?” She said. We stood and discussed it with them as I tried to figure out why an earth anyone would think that was OK to do.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would never dream of leaning in a strangers pram to touch their child, especially then just walking off and not saying a word!? I’m kicking myself I didn’t say anything I was just in shock with what she did. I don’t think she meant any harm, but equally it was NOT OK!!

I really wanted to share it on my blog as it was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever had happen. Apart from that we had a lovely day! Some very strange people out there!

H x


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