The Play Loft Cardiff

Yesterday me & Charlie set a play date up with my lovely friend Danielle & her little munchkin Edison. We try and meet up once every two weeks, hopefully once a week going forward!

I always can’t wait to see them both, there are just 3 days between Charlie & Edison and they are just the cutest together. It also gives me & Danielle a chance to catch up, talk all things baby and not worry about boring one another. Also share our hopes and fears of our motherhood journeys!

We decided to meet at the Play Loft in north Cardiff (Whitchurch). I’d never been there before and Danielle is pretty much new to anywhere around Cardiff as she’s living in Newport. I was hoping we would both get there in one piece as the last meet up ended in disaster and me retreating to my mums after driving round for an hour & half! But that’s for another blog.

We arrived near enough the same time which was spot on, found parking and got the boys ready. We spotted the sign on the side of the building and after a quick circle found where we were going just down the side. We parked the prams inside at the designated pram corner. I could smell Charlie in the car so knew he needed a quick change before we headed up (typical!).

Lucky for us the playloft has 2 floors for different age ranges the top floor for the older children. Our was the under 3’s on the first floor called the “ Toddlers Garden” also same as the cafe! Winner winner. Entry was £2 for under 3’s, £4 overs & free for baby in arms. The cafe was really cheap, £1.50 for a hot drink & sandwich’s & paninis £3.59-£3.95 which I thought was great.

The play area itself was lovely, and we had the whole place to ourselves which was perfect! We put the boys down to play whilst we chatted away. There were big Wendy houses for when they get a bit bigger, but lots of puzzles and colourful toys for them both to play with on the floor. They had high chairs available for us to give them their lunch, and Danielle had a sandwich. We stayed for around 2 hours and were near enough on our own most of the time before a few came in as we were leaving.

We both said that we would definitely come back, it’s perfect for a little chill out area. We normally go to the Vanilla pod in Newport which I absolutely love but there is nothing for the boys to do. So for me the playloft was a perfect option. I’m looking forward to finding new places to visit.

Thankyou for a lush day as usual Dan🥰 can’t wait to see you both again! 💕


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