Life’s not always like Instagram

People only capture the good times. Imagine scrolling through your instagram feeds and seeing all the not so perfect things, the REAL life things. It wouldn’t be so pretty then would it?

Not everything can be disguised with a filter. Today was definitely an UNFILTERED day, from my side & Charlie’s! It started off a good day, Charlie had slept through he’s really good in the nights. We got up around 6:30am, came downstairs, Charlie played on his mat whilst I made his bottle & a cup of coffee.

Baby TV was on in the background, Charlie sat on my lap long enough to finish his bottle before he was squirming around. He just wants to be everywhere since he’s started to master the crawling. I put Charlie back on his mat to play without his nappy whilst I downed my now lukewarm coffee. I ran upstairs for a quick loo stop and to check Matt was getting out of bed.

I could see Charlie was sat in the same place I left him, only I noticed as I got closer that Charlie was bashing his hands down in a pile of his own poo. Amazing! I whipped him up quick as I held his hands away from his mouth I was just lucky he hadnt put them in straight away. Matt had come in just at the right time, he pulled out a load of wipes and started wiping up his poo whilst I tackled his hands.

Cleaned up and new nappy on Charlie was ready for his nap, I knew he needed to go down now as I had a gym class at 10am so we would have to leave around 9:30. Charlie went down to sleep around 8am and I had to wake him and get him dressed ready to go. I’d already sorted myself & his bag whilst he was sleeping so we were up and out in a shot.

I dropped him at the creche in the gym and headed up for my class. When I went back 45 minutes later I could see him happily playing away in the pen. I called him 3 or 4 times with no response he was too busy enjoying himself. The girls had said he was good as gold, as usual! Had a little grizzle but nothing major.

I had so much to do today so I scooped him up and off we went for the day. We’re in the middle of sorting out a remortgage plus we’re buying the remaining share of our house and only have until 25th September so it’s all systems go. I had to send back documents to our new mortgage lender & solicitors but needed stuff from the bank first.

As soon as we got into town Charlie has started grizzling. I couldn’t find his dummy, so it was a race to pay for my parking and see how quickly I could get to boots without an epic meltdown occurring – I failed. Charlie screamed from the car to boots, all the way around boots, whilst we waited in the queue for 10 min then after he had his new dummy.

I could already feel myself getting flustered, I offered him a drink and he batted it away. I offered him his dummy back – he still was not happy! I headed down to the bank, I tried one of their new machines but I wouldn’t give me a statement for the right account so I had to queue up. Oh how fun this was going to be.

Charlie carried on screaming and grizzling, the more I tried to comfort him the worse it made him. I could feel eyes on me. I could feel myself getting frustrated, it was finally my turn it felt like the woman took ages and it wasn’t until I rushed away with the piece of paper in my hand that I realised she hadn’t done what I’d asked her. The queue had doubled, Charlie was screaming louder than ever and I was ready to burst into tears. “Oh he’s not very happy” a woman said to me as I passed Charlie’s dummy back.

NO CLEARLY HE ISNT VERY F***ING HAPPY! I felt like saying, but I bit my tongue and left. My eyes burned with tears as I rushed back to the car, he whaled the whole way I knew people were looking over I just wanted to get home and fast.

I got Charlie & the pushchair back in the car in record time as soon as I closed my driver door I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. I find my car a safe place where I can let out all of my emotions. I knew there wasn’t anything I could do, Charlie was tired. Simple as that, but he just cannot cope when he gets tired he has these complete meltdowns. I couldn’t bare to hear him scream so I turned the radio up, we only live 5 min from town so it’s a quick trip.

We got home, I gave Charlie his lunch and put him down in his cot. It took him a good hour before he finally fell asleep. I did a few dummy runs but managed to have something to eat and a cuppa tea. I sat downstairs in the quiet and balled my eyes out.

There are so many amazing days we have, (which you’ll see on Instagram) but then there are days like today, where I haven’t been able to get anything done, and Charlie has been really difficult. And there will be many more days like today, but I think it’s important to remember that it’s REAL LIFE, and things aren’t always plain sailing.

Life’s not always like Instagram

H x


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