Hands up if you love a bargain!

I love finding little bargains we’ve had loads of baby things and they have all been great! Specially when they grow out of things so quickly, why spend so much money on brand new it makes no sense to me!

That’s when me & Matt decided that instead of spending an absolute fortune on toys which Charlie will grow out of quicker than the speed of light, that we’d buy second hand. Also, it’s his first birthday & Christmas 24 days apart. So, me loving a bargain went on the hut to see what I could find. Obviously we would only buy things in great condition- and boy did I hit the jackpot!

I’d seen someone on Facebook marketplace had been listing lots of different toys and offering bundles. They were perfect! From V-Tec toys to high chair toys there was everything we were looking for. I contacted them and sent a list of what I liked and asked what deal they could do. 15 toys for £48 delivered. Absolute STEAL!

I spoke to Matt and asked him what he thought and he was on board so I went ahead and sealed the deal. I had them delivered today and they are all in fantastic condition and they all work perfectly I’m SO pleased! We have decided to split them in half for his birthday & Christmas. But that is our toy bulk done apart from a ball pit which we still need to buy.

I find a lot of things on Facebook Market & eBay, my mum has had a few baby things from Facebook which she keeps at her house too. People are always selling baby stuff so whatever age have a look and see what you can find I bet you’d be surprised. This isn’t about us being “cheap” we’ve already spent a fortune before he was even here, we quickly realised that it was bloody expensive!

Happy bargain hunting!



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