NUK First Choice Leaner Bottle – Product Review

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much luck with bottles. The last bottle I got for Charlie just leaks all the time and now we can’t find the lid which was temperamental anyway, so that gave me an excuse to buy him a new bottle!

I searched high and low on Amazon, I read loads of reviews on different bottles and finally settled on the NUK First Choice Leaner Bottle. The bottle was £7.99 which I didn’t think was too bad, they have Disney designs and I went for Winnie the Pooh!

The bottle arrived today and I’m pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised. Packaged well and lovely and bright. Not to big, although I felt it is a bit on the smaller side. But that would be my only criticism, although I’m sure you could opt for a bigger size I’ll have to check that one!

The bottle holds 5oz or 150ml if you prefer. The lid is very good clips on solid with no leakage. I wanted this cup purely for water, I’m sure you’d be able to use it for formula too. The bottle comes with instructions although I’m not sure why you’d need them it’s pretty self explanatory, plus I couldn’t even see the instructions in English printed anyway!

The bottle also comes with a separate stopper, I’d assume you could use this if you didn’t have the lid. Tried & tested by Charlie you’ll see by the photos he found it easy to hold and didn’t seem to have any problems with drinking from it at all. Overall I’m pleased with my purchase and definitely would recommend.

5/5⭐️ from me!



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