Our first family holiday! – Travel Day

I’ve decided to break my holiday down into separate blogs. Travel days to & from, then one blog covering the whole holiday as I think a daily blog would be too much!

So, we set off on Wednesday 11th September 2019 flying from Bristol to Palma. Our flight time was 6:05am, we decided to stay at my mums house In Cardiff the night before as she was looking after our two cats and it was less travel time.

We left at 2:30am, Charlie slept most of the way still in his pj’s and sleeping bag. As we got to the slip road to join the m4 towards London it was closed off and panic set in! We ended up driving round for 20 minutes trying to find the diversion until I found another route. I couldn’t chill out, not until we had checked in and we’re safely sat in the departure lounge.

We arrived at Bristol airport Carpark at just gone 3am, we parked the car grabbed our luggage and headed over to check the car in. I could see a huge queue and started to feel dread wave over me. Luckily it moved super quick and checking the car in literally took two minutes. Charlie was still sleeping in his pram so everything was going ok! We jumped on the bus and within 5 minutes we were being taken to the airport just a short drive away.

It wasn’t long before I felt panic again. As we approached the easyJet check in counter the queue was huge! It was only when Matt mentioned our speedy boarding that we headed round the other side to an empty queue! Woohoo! I would 100% recommend speedy boarding, specially with a baby it makes things so much easier! I don’t know what time we would have gotten to the departure lounge had it not been for us skipping the queue.

Once we’d checked in our bags we headed for security, straight away we were directed to a short queue at the end of the room and everything was really quick. Unfortunately we did have to wake Charlie up as we had to fold the Pram but he was as good as gold. He was so mesmerised by everything going on. We put our hand luggage into the trays and I emptied Charlie’s food & milk into a separate tray. Matt carried Charlie through no problems, but of course I was going to set the alarm off! I quickly was ushered to another scanner then searched by a woman and was free to go. I could already see that Charlie’s baby bag had been diverted to be checked again – great!

I waited for Charlie’s bag as Matt settled Charlie back into his Pram and waited on the side. A woman told me she’d have to test Charlie’s food and milk, I just prayed she wouldn’t open them all up but luckily she never and within 10 minutes she was back. They put the bag back through but had to re-check it again, they couldn’t find what was flashing up but decided it must have been his wet wipes so finally let me go! As much as it is an inconvenience, it wasn’t all that bad and everything was done pretty quickly.

Finally I could start to chill out as we headed into the departure lounge. Charlie was wide awake chatting away to himself happily. We decided to grab something quick to eat as it wasn’t long until our gate opened. We headed to our gate and again went straight down an empty speeding boarding queue, after our experience I will forever book speedy boarding going forward. We got on a bus and it was crammed with people I was conscious of a boy standing next to Charlie’s Pram I put a protective arm around the side and as I had anticipated the boy stumbled as the bus took off, and I gasped a breath in as he toppled back toward the Pram. Call it mothers instinct!

We joined a short queue to board the airplane, it was windy and cold I wrapped Charlie’s blanket around him as I held him. Matt passed the Pram to an attendant and off we went. I decided to pick our seats which I payed extra for, but again I’m so glad we did this! We were sat in the first row, with extra legroom. There was already a man sat on the end row and he smiled as we sat down next to him, he was lovely and Charlie had taken a shine to him straight away!

Charlie giggled and smiled at the air hostesses as we waited for everyone to board the plane. He was so happy! It was mad considering how long he’d been awake by now, he chatted away to himself and was no trouble. We got his bottle ready for take off and the air stewardess passed me an infant seatbelt and showed me what to do with it. Charlie wasn’t phased by take off he sat on my lap and had his bottle quietly, we were so proud of him. Not long after he fell asleep for around hour and half which was perfect!

Charlie woke up around 40 minutes before landing, he was still in a happy mood playing and smiling to the passengers behind us. He didn’t once cry, he was absolutely brilliant. Me and Matt kept saying to each other how amazing he had been. I put his ear defenders on just before landing as I didn’t want his ears to pop and he was fine, he got a little bit restless just before but I think he was just sick of being stuck on my lap as he’s so used to crawling everywhere now.

We were the first off the plane and headed to collect our bags, I think we waited around 20 minutes. I took Charlie to the toilets to change his nappy and put some shorts & T-shirt on as it was boiling. I waited a while but by the time I headed back matt had the Pram and bags ready to go. He was one of the last there, and had said how everyone collected the bags and they shut everything off, he and another woman waited for the prams and questioned where they were. Finally they were sent out, but he was worried whether we would get it

I booked a private transfer as the thought of travelling on a full coach just wasn’t for us. It was €160 euros return, but I’m so glad we did and it was definitely worth the money. A man was waiting for us at arrivals and we had a big mini bus to ourselves. We also had a car seat ready which was a massive plus it meant we didn’t have to lug ours around. The transfer from the airport to Alcudia was around 50 minutes but it absolutely flew by. Charlie entertained himself most of the way, then decided 10 minutes before we arrived that he’d have a nap! Typical!

Overall we had an amazing travel day, everything was quick and easy. Charlie was a little dream and other than the small issues we had at the beginning of the trip with the road closure everything else went to plan. Great start to our holiday!


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