Mental Health Awareness

Today is mental health awareness, and you know what I’m feeling pretty shit.

I’m a massive supporter of this, it is something which is extremely close to my heart having had to watch some of my closest family members suffer. It’s something which needs to be spoken about a lot more and I think there’s so much to learn and understand about these different illnesses.

I couldn’t tell you why I feel so shit today, whether it’s because I watched a super emotional episode of coronation street this morning, or whether I’m thinking about my last messages to my dad before he died. Or if it’s just because I’m having an “off” day but I’m really down in the dumps.

Charlie’s gone down for a nap, which means I can get an hour (hopefully) of just pure silence. I’m absolutely hanging today, I’ve been feeling really tired lately which is effecting my mood massively. I’ve also enrolled in part time Uni and it’s not easy so I think maybe I’m just feeling it more than usual.

I absolutely love love love spending my days with Charlie, he is an absolute angel 99% of the time, but it’s still hard work. I know I’m really going to struggle when I have to go back to work which isn’t too far away now. I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected lately, I don’t know why but I feel like I need to re align myself if that even makes sense?

Something which I always look forward too in October is my birthday 🥳 which is a bit weird because it was never a huge over the top occasion but it’s just something I’ve always enjoyed, maybe because I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas? But yes, 28 this year….ah! 28 in 10 days time 🙈 where are the years going?

Anyway enough rambling, I just wanted to say if your struggling today or any other day then it’s OK not to be OK! It’s fine to cry & be sad and have your off days. Just make sure you talk to someone, or at least do something to shift how your feeling. Me, I find this helps me – even if no one reads this it’s fine because I’ve got off my chest how I’m feeling today and I now feel better than what I did before I posted this!

H x


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