Happy Birthday to me!

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog lately, and it’s purely because I’ve just been so busy but nothing much to talk about weird right!?

Anyway it’s my birthday today! 28 🙈 the wrong side of my twenties! But, it’s my first birthday with little Charlie bear! What more could I ask for! This time last year I was waddling around and we were all eagerly waiting his arrival.

I love my birthday, it’s probably my favourite time of the year apart from anything to do with Charlie. I also love celebrating other people’s birthdays 😊

Last night me & Matt had our first date night in ages! My mum looked after Charlie which meant we also stayed over as it’s easier to stay in Cardiff than pay a fortune to get home. I booked to have my makeup done with my favourite artist Tara, (@makeupbytaranatasha) I love how she does my makeup she’s an absolute pro and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. If your local to Cardiff or South Wales in general I would 100% recommend her.

We booked to go for a meal at one of our favourite places, Miller & Carter. We only ever have a starter & a main normally because we’re always too full for a desert! It was lovely to spend some quality time together without having to scoff down our food. We had a few cocktails too 🍹 we’d already planned to meet our friends Sarah & Liam, so took a walk over to Cardiff Bay and met them in a cute bar called The Dock.

I didn’t want to go too mad drinking because the last time we had a night out, firstly we always say we won’t go to town…but end up going to town. Secondly I drank too much and ended up having the worst hangover and if it hadn’t been for Matt feeling ok and looking after Charlie then I don’t know how I would have coped. ( I was sick all day!)

But no town was agreed over dinner, and for the first time ever we stuck to it! I also didn’t drink to much so felt pretty good this morning even if I did have a slight headache. It was the first time I’d woken up on my birthday with my mum and it was lush❤️ I haven’t had a birthday at home for nearly 5 years now! I woke up just gone 8am and crept into my mums room and I could see Charlie asleep next to her in bed.

She said he’d woken up at 7, they played then he fell back asleep on the bed so she kept him there. (More likely she just wanted cuddles and I can’t say I blame her!). I jumped in next to her for a cuddle, *never too old for a cuddle off your mum* and we chatted until Charlie woke up and gave me a cheeky smile! I just love him in the mornings he’s always so happy, and chatty it’s the best.

We got up took him downstairs for him breakfast and my mum appeared with a birthday bag. She’d bought me the cutest onesie! I loved it it was lovely and thick, perfect for the winter. She also got me a lovely leather jacket which I picked, and she got us a gift card for Miller & Carter. My mum always buys me the best gifts & heartwarming cards.

We stayed and had breakfast with my mum, brother & stepdad. My brother bought me a gift voucher for a massage! Perfect! I love a good pamper session. We headed for home, stopping off to pick up a walker for Charlie from matts mum. Then we had a really nice chilled out day, Charlie played with his toys and we lounged on the sofa.

Matt brought me down my gifts, he had already had these huge bouquet of flowers delivered on Friday. He also bought me a new pair of trainers, mini pictures that you can move anywhere around the house they are called mix tiles, and the most gorgeous cupcakes! I will link the people mentioned at the end of this blog. I am very lucky I always have lovely gifts and get well & truly spoilt.

My headache had turned into a migraine by the time of Charlie’s afternoon nap so I decided to go to bed for an hour to sleep it off and it helped massively. We ordered a cheeky chinese and have spent the night on the sofa – a perfect end to a great day! I’m meeting a few of the girls next weekend for afternoon tea, so I’m looking forward to that it should be a lush catch up with them all, and an excuse for a cocktail or two!

I’ve had the best day, turning 28 isn’t so bad after all!❤️

IG: @abbiescupcakes


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