Happy New Year!

Wow how fast did that year go? Can’t believe we are in 2020 a whole new decade! A lot is going to change for me (us) this year. Firstly I’m officially back in work on Monday! After being off since September 2018 ahhhh I’m so not ready!

We are lucky enough that mine and matts mum will help with childcare, and that for the time being I’m only going back for 2.5 days a week. Talking about work, matts got a new job! Wooohoo! He starts on the 20th of January and I’m so happy he has wanted a change for so long!

So we’re looking at a good start to the year. We have a few things in the diary already, it’s Matts birthday today (33) I’m taking him out for dinner on Saturday and we are going to have a few drinks which will be lovely!

Me & mum are off on a girly spa weekend in Monmouth the middle of this month which I’m super excited for, we were going to go abroad but couldn’t decide on anything so, we booked a load of spa treatments for the whole weekend finished off with afternoon tea on the Sunday before we leave.

One of my best mates is getting married in May which is crazy! I’m a bridesmaid, so ive got then hen to look forward to in April we’re off to Marbella! Matts off on the stag to Liverpool in March so that will be good for us both to let off some steam!

We will book a holiday end of May/June time although we can’t agree on where to go, and we can’t book anything until matt starts his new job and gets his shift patterns through. I think we should book Dubai because we don’t have to pay for Charlie’s flight as he’s under 2, and it will be less expensive but Matt thinks we should go somewhere like Greece! So we are totally undecided.

I normally like to try and book a weekend away aswell if we can afford it and have the time too. We went to the log cabin in November which was lush, so whether we book that again or somewhere similar I don’t know I just like to have things to look forward to!

I’ve been thinking about this year and what I want to achieve. I’ve got a new diary sorted with lots of new little bits added. Some of my goals for 2020 are:

1. Get fit! Not fat – back in the gym from Friday and I can’t wait.

2. Take control of my finances – I want to really knuckle down on my spending and see how much more I can save from last year.

3. I want to start running again, I’d like to do at least one race this year even if it’s a 5k. But I’m going to see how much I can push myself.

4. Make memories! Do more together as a family and plan more days out.

They are just a few of mine I’m always thinking of new ones!

Me & Matt have also spoken about looking for a new house at the end of the year, as much as we love our little house we are ready to move on there are things which we want such as a garden which just isn’t accessible for Charlie where we are. So we said we’d sit down with our mortgage advisor towards the end of the year and see what our next steps would be.

I hope you all have a great year and achieve lots! To love, happiness & health for 2020!

H x


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