The day the world changed as we know it.

I haven’t written on my blog for a long time, I guess life took over and it fell to the back of the queue. I’ve got loads to update about Charlie but I thought first I’d speak about the world today.

Today is, Sunday 26th March currently we’re on Day 7 of lockdown in the UK. Our Prime Minister announced national lockdown, all non essential shops are closed and the world has slowed down. Every day I wake up and wonder, what’s happening today. These last few weeks I’ve watched more of our news than I have in my life. Right now, COVID-19 is our lives. Right now we are living in uncertainty, how long will life go on like this? Will things ever go back to “normal”? I’ll be honest, if you’d had asked me about this 3/4 weeks ago I would have laughed and said I wasn’t worried in the slightest, now I find myself more anxious each day.

I suppose that I’m lucky in the sense that I am able to work from home, which means we will still have a monthly wage – at the moment Matt can still work too which is a blessing, just hope that doesn’t change. We are currently coming to the end of our isolation period, as Matt was showing signs of the symptoms, then me & Charlie developed a cough nothing more though thankfully.

It’s crazy to think we’ve scrapped all plans for the next few months as we don’t know where we will be, upcoming hen do in Marbella end of April has been cancelled and my friend has had to cancel her wedding. I really feel for everyone having to cancel their wedding days. We had a holiday booked for end of May, we haven’t actually cancelled it yet as we are waiting for our holiday provider to do that so that we get our money back. If we were to cancel now we would have to pay cancellation fees and we wouldn’t get our flight money back.

Now, every day is a worry. I haven’t seen my mum in over a week now, I pretty much saw her nearly every day and I’m really missing her. FaceTime just isn’t the same, and the thought of this going on for a few more months makes me really sad. Matts mum hasn’t seen Charlie in around a month now as she was on holiday before the lockdown was introduced. My uni has been closed, and exams cancelled so I don’t know where I stand with that either as I was due to resit my maths GCSE this summer.

I’m due to start work again on the 6th of April, I’ve been in regular contact with my manager since being off work and I have to pick up a desktop computer to begin working from home. Luckily I’m allowed to work flexible hours as we won’t have any childcare for Charlie so I’ll probably end up working in the evenings rather than the days. I never imagined life to be like this, and to think we’re not in “full lockdown” like other countries, people are still allowed out for exercise once a day. I wonder how people would cope if that was scrapped? I know we’d struggle for sure.

One thing I can say, is that being with Matt for the last 2 weeks 24/7 straight has definitely tested but strengthened our relationship. We still rub each other up the wrong way on a daily basis, but we appreciate each other more and we’ve been communicating a lot more mostly discussing the news. I definitely feel like our relationship has benefited by spending pure quality time together, we’ve really worked as a team. Giving one another a little break without even having to say a word. We’ve also laughed and had fun, only last night we stayed up till gone 11pm (this is so late for us!) trying to learn different dances, we ended up in fits of giggles and for once in a while now we didn’t think about what’s going on around us.

Charlie has been up & down, I think we’re through our second bottle of calpol now. He has a terrible cold and his cough is really not great and obviously with us not being able to take him to the GP it’s been a struggle. I think he’s been getting bored and as stir crazy as us being at home every day. We’ve been looking at trying to order in some new toys for him and recipes to do some messy play at home!

I know everything’s a bit mad right now and no one really knows what’s going on. I just hope everyone sticks together and follows the government’s guidelines so we can get this all over and done with. I hope this blog post finds you all well, stay safe everyone.

H x


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