The Dark Side of Social Media

I’ve recently seen first hand the dark sides of social media. We all know and read about “trolls/trolling” I’m lucky enough that I’ve never to my knowledge experienced it personally. But, I have seen it brought up so much over the last few years and to be honest it scares the shit out of me that Charlie will be brought up around it.

I hope by the time Charlie is old enough to understand social media that there will be no such thing as trolling. These people need to be held accountable for their actions. Why do they think it’s acceptable to slur the most vile things just because they are behind the screen of their phone/tablet/laptop?

Why should these trolls be able to remain anonymous? It should be made a crime! These vile humans drive people to commit suicide to end their lives. That’s not ok! I follow a lot of famous people on social media, and the amount of abuse that’s targeted at them is insane! It was only a few weeks ago I sat and watched the Jesy Nelson documentary (Little Mix singer) and it broke my heart. She was one of many who had the most disgraceful things said about and too her. The same things which drove her to attempt to take her own life. She was lucky enough to be able to speak out about her story, some people aren’t able to do that.

It is something when you see these people commenting about people’s CHILDREN!!!! I mean common, that is the lowest of the low. Take Mrs Hinch as a recent example, was sent a message calling her 6 month old BABY ugly. Who in their right mind does that? I can’t imagine how she felt, the thought of people speaking like that about Charlie makes my blood boil, and makes me want to cry at the same time.

I stumbled across a website, which I can only describe as a breeding ground for trolls. It’s a forum where they all basically annihilate people. Famous people, businesses, bloggers, influencers. You name it. It made me sick. I read threads about people I follow, some of which I’ve actually interacted with. I couldn’t get my head around how many people there are out there. The best bit, they all use usernames because they would never dare use their own names!

It really opened my eyes to trolling – and it worries me. I’m glad it’s been brought to light, I hope we are able to rid of this vicious activity which is going on. I hope Charlie can grow up and not have to ever worry about someone writing something horrible about him. Maybe I’m being over optimistic who knows? Let’s hope so, social media should be a place where you can express yourself in a positive way. There’s no need for all this spiteful behaviour.

Be kind always, you don’t know what someone’s going through.

To iPad or not to iPad?

From even before I was pregnant me & Matt always categorically said there was no way on this earth we would be letting our child play with our phones/iPads. It’s the one thing which really bugs the hell out of me. (Obviously no offence to those parents who let their children use them) but for us it’s a huge No.

I’m happy to say 7 months in and Charlie has never had our phones or iPads, he’s blissfully unaware of the gadgets which are constantly stuck to our hands – too much! And that’s how we intend to keep it. I get it, believe me I get it. If your child is screaming blue murder and you can’t calm them down, and the only thing that will restore normality then go for it!

I think the only time we will ever use our phones/iPads for Charlie will be on our flight over to Spain in September. But I’m hoping we can avoid it! We shall see!! I don’t want him getting into a habit of thinking he can scream & cry and we will just hand it over. So for now we are using cuddles for when he’s upset and that’s working for us!

I guess the reason why I’m dead against it, is because I think of my childhood and growing up. I’m so glad we didn’t have today’s technology, we played outside, made dens, knocked for our friends. It was the best! I hate to see kids sat in staring at a screen, we as adults already do it way too much.

Whenever Charlie catches a glimpse of me on my phone I end up launching it across the sofa or putting it in my pocket. I can see those eyes light up wondering what this new thing is, and he will not be finding out haha!

So everyone is different, I hope I can keep Charlie away from YouTube & games on my phone for as long as I can, but I know there will come a time down the road where he will beg me for a phone! But for now I’m going to make sure he interacts with us and other children just like we did!