Baby Routine

As you can tell by the title I will be talking about Baby routines – or lack of them!

I think I watched so many bloody YouTube videos about routines for baby’s and every single of those were different. It annoys me really that you are plagued on the internet to get your baby into a routine as quickly as possible, but you have to remember they are just tiny babies!

Anyway, after feeling compelled to get Charlie into a routine it began. I think the main reason to get him into a routine was all about getting him to sleep longer. It started around 3 1/2 months, but let me tell you now. He is in no sort of routine as of today, I’ll explain why.

We followed the basic understanding of activity, feed, sleep. (From around 3 1/2 months)

7:00 — Wake & play
8:00 — Feed
8:30 — Nap
9:30 — Wake & play
10:00 — Feed & Nap
10:30 — Wake & Play
12:00 — Nap
2:00 — Wake,Feed & Play
4:00 – Nap
5:30 — Feed 1/2 bottle
6:00 — Bath
6:30 — Feed 1/2 bottle
7-7:30— Bed
10:30/11pm – Bottle

This was a rough guide of what we used to do! These days Charlie doesn’t really have a routine, I don’t stick to times like we used to because I know when he’s hungry & when he’s ready to go to sleep. I don’t wake him anymore from his naps, I let him wake up when he’s ready. The only time I may wake him is late afternoon so he can have his bath & bottle.

He has only recently dropped his night feeds! And he goes to bed anytime between 6pm-7:30pm depends how long he can stay awake! We’ve also introduced food with his bottles so he’s going to sleep a lot fuller.

All I would say is don’t worry about the whole routine thing! I didn’t find it helped with his sleeping, he just got better as he got older it wasn’t any particular routine. There is so much unnecessary pressure around it, and for what! We drove ourselves up the wall with the whole “routines” it’s so much better now we go with what’s best for Charlie. The only thing we stick to constantly is bath & bedtimes. I also used to track everything on an app called “Baby Tracker” which was an absolute god send for me. But, I’m trying to steer away from it now as I need my brain to work for itself!


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