Otoplasty Review – Cardiff Spire Hospital. Dr Richard Karoo.

Weyhey! I’ve done it I have new ears! Woohoo! I’ve waited for this since I was a teenager. If I haven’t said already, I’ve always hated my ears. I got bullied quite badly in high school because of them. I would constantly avoid wearing my hair up, it was always down covering them as much as possible. This blog is pretty long FYI! 🍪🍿☕️

After having Charlie I knew being on maternity leave and having the surgery, would be perfect because I wouldn’t have to book any time off work. I had an amazing consultation with Dr Karoo in the Cardiff clinic so when I was given this date I was over the moon to be getting in so quickly. ( I’ve done a blog about my consultation)

I had a pre-assessment done over the phone Thursday and had to pop in for a few swabs. My admission time was 11am Friday, luckily Matt managed to get the day off work. We did some running round then popped over to my mums as we had some time to kill. It was lucky we did because Charlie had a massive poo explosion so he had to go in the sink for a mini bath! 😂🙈

We got to the hospital and I checked in at reception. I made sure my details were correct and took a seat in the waiting area with Matt & Charlie. It wasn’t long before we were being shown to my room. It was lovely like a little hotel room, massive tv on the wall and I made sure to check I would be able to get my fix of love island! Charlie dropped off to sleep In his pram, so me & Matt had some time to ourselves.

I met my day nurse Sarah who went through some forms and asked me to do a urine sample to do a pregnancy test. I was praying it would be negative and thankfully it was! She did the usual blood pressure & temperature. We met my anaesthetist who was lovely and again we went through some general health questions. Charlie starting stirring not long after and as we couldn’t settle him Matt thought it best he made a move. So after lots of kisses and cuddles off they went. 👋🏻🙁

Dr Karoo popped in to see how I was doing, I literally cannot recommend this man enough. He is the sweetest man I’ve ever met! So so glad I chose him as my surgeon. I filled out the consent forms and after he left, decided to try get my head down. I was badly dehydrated, I hadn’t eaten or drunk since 9pm Thursday evening. It had brought on the worst migraine. Just as I was dropping off a lovely nurse came in and told me to it was time to go the theatre. 😯

She left me to change into my sexy disposable knickers, gown and stockings. Then walked me down to to theatre and put a protective arm around me. She felt really “Mumsy” which made me feel instantly relaxed. I sat on a chair just next to theatre as they monitored my blood pressure and temperature. Then I met Kyle another nurse he went through my forms again with me and asked me to confirm my signature on the consent forms. I layed down on the bed and the anaesthetist came to say hello and put the needle in my hand ready to administer the general anaesthetic.

With 3 people buzzing around me I didn’t know where to look, I spoke to Kyle about Charlie and he told me his girlfriend was 27 weeks pregnant with their first baby. We got chatting and I warned him about the sleep deprivation! I got given the first dose of the anaesthetic and was told I’d start to feel sleepy, the second dose came not long after. Kyle popped an oxygen mask over my face and that’s the last I remember.

The next thing I know I can hear someone calling my name, I’m in a different room and a lovely nurse is smiling at me. She asked me if I was ok and I mumbled that I’d had a dream. What was your dream about? she asked. My cats! I replied and she laughed. I still didn’t feel with it, she called me a few times to take a few deep breathes to bring me around but as much as I tried I couldn’t keep my eyes open. “Helen can you take a few more deep breathes” I heard faintly again.

This time I felt more awake, I looked around the room at the lady laying in a bed next to me. I tried to make out the time on the clock but without my contact lenses it was a blurry mess. The first thing I noticed was a raw pain in my throat from the tube. I couldn’t actually feel my ears, but quickly realised I had a hell of a bandage on. 🤕 I heard the nurse say that my blood pressure was too low for me to go back to my room so they’d keep me a while longer. It felt like ages! I asked for a glass of water and the nurse brought it over with a straw and I practically necked it in one go. Around 30 minutes passed and they called for someone to bring me back to my room.

The nurse Sarah came to meet me with a porter and they wheeled me back down to my room. She asked if I was able to stand to get back into bed which I was able to. I generally felt good – the worst pain I had was my throat. Sarah called my mum to let her know I was okay and when I felt upto it I got my phone and messaged Matt & my mum. It was funny because I’d been joking with Matt that was going to end up with a huge bandage and I did! I sent a picture to my mum and she couldn’t stop laughing she was shocked to see how big it was.

I FaceTimed Matt, the baby was in bed as he showed me on the monitor. We had a little chit chat I caught up on how Charlie had been and was pleased they had a good day. Dr Karoo and my anaesthetist came in my room before they left for the day. Dr Karoo said he was very pleased with the results and that he would see me the following Friday back here to take the bandages off.

My mum came in soon after and she had actually just passed them both on the stairs as she came in. It was lovely to see her, she brought me some snacks and we chatted and giggled. I wanted to change from my gown to my PJs but I was hooked up to the drip, so trying to manoeuvre it to change was a sight! We are literally like dumb & dumber when we have to do anything together,She never fails to make me laugh. The nurse brought us in both a cup of tea each and my sandwiches which I had ordered earlier in the day. I had a bit of trouble swallowing due to my sore throat but I was absolutely starving! We watched the end of Wimbledon which I had on the TV and mum left a little while after.

I settled down with my snacks as love island was just about to start, as soon as it finished I said goodnight to Matt and went to get my head down. At 10:30pm my night nurse Kelly came in to do my BP & temperature and offered me painkillers. I was actually still not feeling to bad at this point. She told me she would have to come in again around 2-3am so rather than wake me that if I woke up to buzz her.

I woke up around 3am and my ears were absolutely killing me. It actually knocked me for six! I didn’t expect it to be so so painful once the painkillers wore off. I buzzed Kelly straight away. She came in and did my observations and gave me some liquid morphine, she told me I could have it every hour. From 3am I was up every hour and it seemed the pain got more intense each time I woke. I tossed and turned back and forth in bed but no matter what position I got into every one was painful. I spoke to Matt briefly as the baby was wide awake, (obviously missing his mummy😂) totally out character for him as he usually sleeps straight through.

I tried my best to sleep but I can’t even describe the pain, the morphine just wasn’t cutting it. Granted it took the edge off but not enough to really help me sleep. 4/5 & 6am I called Kelly back and forth. I could see the sympathy on her face every time she came in. 6am she gave me co-codamol too which seemed to help. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep though. I spoke to Matt again and the baby was awake and he’d brought him into our bed trying to get him to sleep, as soon as we came off FaceTime he sent me a photo of him sleeping. (Clearly just needed to see his mum 😉).

Breakfast was brought in 7:30am I had a well needed coffee, special K & poached eggs on toast. I spoke to my mum and filled her in with last night, and spoke to Matt again. We speak a lot lol! My cat coco hasn’t been her usual self and projectile vomited in the living room early hours of Friday morning. Matt had woken up to more sick & the evidence of a bad tummy. She had her food this morning so we’re not overly worried we are going to keep an eye on her for now.

Sarah my day nurse came back in to say hello and brought me some liquid morphine again, it made me feel a bit queasy, probably because I’d just stuffed my face. She told me after I see my consultant I can go home 😊 I’m just laying in bed watching DIY SOS. I’m contemplating having a shower but I don’t want to risk him coming around to see me so I think I’ll have one when I get to my mums.

I’ll wrap this very long blog up with my overall experience.

Dr Karoo – has been an absolute dream. Such a wonderful man and I would highly recommend him to anyone for any surgery.

The nurses & staff at Spire Hospital have been incredible, my stay has been great there wasn’t anything they couldn’t do for me.

If I ever did have any other surgery in the future then I would not hesitate booking with Dr Karoo @ Spire Hospital Cardiff. So a massive Thankyou to everyone who has looked after me.

I will update with pictures next Friday when I have my bandages off and just give my reaction to my new ears and how the rest of my recovery went.

H x

KARMA after joking about this picture!!


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