The Fragrance Floor – Product Review

If you haven’t got yourself something from the fragrance floor and turned into a cleaning lunatic, then you need to sit down and have a quiet word with yourself. 😉

I stumbled across this company a while ago now, they have grown considerably over the last few months and it’s actually been lovely to watch a small business expand. I’m a sucker for the house smelling fresh, specially as we have our two fur babies who are really super clean. But, you can never smell when it’s your own home really can you? So I do get conscious that it doesn’t smell of cats, as they are indoor cats too!

My go to product was always the good ol’ shake & vac for hoovering, that was until I tried the fragrance floor. Now, I will never use anything else. When I first placed an order I went for the floor dust in the smell “inspired by creed”, now I can’t remember if I got a room spray aswell 🤔 but we will go with the floor dust. My order came around 2 weeks after it was placed I think give or take, which was fine this is clearly stated when you order.

The first thing I remember from that order was the smell, WOW as soon as I opened the floor dust the smell just engulfed me. Absolutely amazing! I couldn’t get over how strong it was. I immediately sprinkled it over the carpets on the stairs and up in the bedrooms and left it for around and hour. Instantly the house smelt amazing. I couldn’t get over it, I could smell it from in my living room in which we have wooden floors.

After patiently waiting I got the hoover and hoovered the stairs,landing & bedroom. The smell was still super strong and I just fell in love with the product. All day my house smelt beautiful. Matt came home later that evening and Instantly said “what have you done it smells amazing!” That day was the start of my obsession with this company!

I ordered a few different scents for the floor dust and also tried the room sprays. The room sprays also deserve recognition, these again have the most incredible strong smell. I use these daily on all my soft furnishings. Beds,sofa,curtains if I can be sprayed it’s getting sprayed! What I find with these products is unlike other cleaning products I’ve used the past the smell stays. I actually have enough room sprays to keep in most of the rooms now, so each room has its own scent.

The Fragrance Floor also do some amazing deals! I feel that their prices are reasonable as it is, but they often do discounts which I will always take advantage of. With my most recent orders I completely forgot about them, so was a lovely surprise when I received 2 orders within days of one another! I also received some cleaning fizzers which can go down the toilet or be put in the sinks with water. These are great I put them in the bathroom and closed the door and it kept a fresh smell all day.

There are a number of different products, I haven’t actually tried them all yet but I will get round to it! Products currently available are;

Floor Dust – available in a range of scents & sizes.

Room Mist – available in a range of scents

Cleaning fizzers – available in a range of scents

Duo sets – Floor dust & Room Mist In a range of scents sold together.

Subscription Box – a monthly cleaning box of goodies

Room spray refills – available in a range of scents

Single diffuser Oils – available in a range of scents

Diffuser Gift Sets – available in a range of scents

Laundry Fragrance Booster – in a range of scents

Sample boxes – all scents available so you can try before you buy!

Wax Burners – available in a range of colours

I would 100% recommend this company to anyone and everyone. I’m so glad I found them and will continue to purchase from them. They make quality products and put a lot of hard work in, and it shows.

5/5✨ Rating from me – looking forward to seeing what products they bring out!

Instagram: @thefragrancefloor

Website: The Fragrance Floor

Some of my collection!✨

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