The Norovirus that took us down!

As you May have read from our weekend away back in November Charlie had the most horrific sickness bug, what we thought was the end only turned out to be so so much worse.

Charlie seemed to have gotten better, his sickness had gone but by the Wednesday he had started to have really bad nappies. We didn’t think much of it at first as he’d had a really sharp orange for breakfast at my mums and we knew it may do this. But apart from that he was fine in himself.

Wednesday night was one of the worst nights sleep I’ve ever had. I tossed and turned all night I felt sick to my stomach, I was clammy then freezing I just knew something was up. Come 6am I was throwing up violently. I’ve only ever had the norovirus once, that was a few years ago and it was like something out of a horror film. Matt saw things he never should have had to see! I honestly don’t know how he looked at me in the same way ever since.

I already knew there was no way in hell I was capable of looking after myself let alone Charlie. sat in the shower for what seemed like forever, I waited for a reasonable time to text my mum to ask her if she could have Charlie. But, she didn’t feel 100% so we thought it was best not to risk it. I practically crawled back to bed and told Matt I’d just been throwing up. By the time Charlie woke up I was in no fit state, so matt got up and sorted him out.

We agreed to ask his mum if she could have Charlie for the day as Matt couldn’t take the time off work and thank god she said yes. I was so out of it I can’t even remember If I said goodbye to them both. I laid in bed all day, my whole body was aching. I got into the bath with the shower overhead about 3 times because it was the only place I could relax knowing I could just throw up over myself and it would rinse away. (Disgusting I know sorry)

I pretty much died in bed all day, the only movement I made was to the toilet. My whole body ached so badly. It was by far the most vile thing I’d ever experienced. The worst thing was it pretty much went round my whole family one after another it was horrible! I did mean to post this a while ago but things have been so hectic I promise to make time to post more!

Next year we are getting the flu jab ASAP! I can’t believe we forgot this year!

Here’s to good health going forward 🤞🏻💕


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