The Joys Of Teething

Charlie started teething at 3 months! Let me tell you, teething is not bloody fun! We are at the worst stage at the moment, he’s nearly 6 months and his first tooth has started coming through very slowly. It feels sharper every day but it’s making my baby miserable! 

When Charlie first started teething we noticed he was ramming his fists in his mouth constantly, and I mean 24 hours a day those fists were in his mouth. Not just the one he’d try get both of them in there! It didn’t seem to be bothering him a great deal though, he just couldn’t keep them away! 

He started to dribble really badly, he goes through at least 2 bibs a day where they are soaking. Even more so at the moment. His cheeks are constantly flushed, he is warm to touch but hasn’t got a temperature & he has diarrhoea! JOYS!

He isn’t sleeping great at the moment he’s crying in his sleep, last night I went in 7 times to try and settle him. Teething is exhausting for us both! He’s off his food so he’s not feeding as well as he normally does, and I feel awful because I feel like I’m pushing his bottles on him but he’s not interested. I find it hard to see him upset, he doesn’t just sob, he breaks his heart crying. He’s inconsolable sometimes and it kills me!

The worst thing in the world is seeing your baby in pain & upset, specially when there’s not much you can do. We are keeping him dosed up on Calpol, he has teething gel and we’re offering him teething rings. He’s gotten so bad with chewing his hands that it’s a struggle to even change him lately. When the two of us are here one holds his hands the other does the changing! So things take longer than usual when I’m on my own.

I’m definitely changing him more frequently, again these are all common symptoms of teething, I’m not sure how long this lasts at a time I’m guessing it’s until the tooth fully comes through. He also has a little cough & cold which isn’t making things any better. All in all he’s feeling rough! He’s more clingy to me

In the day which is fine because I love our cuddles but it restricts me to what I can & cant do. He’s happy to be curled up on the sofa and so am I, I know if he’s having an off day as soon as he wakes up, so that determines our day plans.

The last thing I want to do is take him off galavanting when he’s not well, we did make it to my local gym today. They have a creche there for Charlie and I go have a quick workout. But its a PJ day for the rest of the day for us! I hope this tooth comes through soon so he feels a bit better!


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