Otoplasty Reveal✨

So my bandages came off last Friday, my mum met me over at Spire Out Patient. My appointment was 6:45pm, but we ended up waiting till around 7:15pm before we saw Dr Karoo. I was so excited to be having my bandages off they were really iterating me.

We were called into the small room where we were greeted by Dr Karoo & a nurse. We spoke briefly about the operation and how the last week had been. Dr Karoo had to step outside to take a phone call but told the nurse to cut off my bandages.

I looked to my mum as the last off the bandages were pulled off and mouthed “do they look ok?” She smiled and nodded at me. The nurse went off to grab a mirror to show me the end result. I felt like I was holding my breath as I waited. “Feel them hel” mum said but I didn’t want to mess with them. I could instantly feel they were back, it felt different.

The nurse wheeled around a full length mirror and as I caught the sight of myself I put a hand to my mouth and burst into tears. I glanced over to my mum who had also started crying and I beamed at her. “Oh god are you ok” the nurse asked panicking. I could hardly speak but managed a nod. “Happy tears” my mum said. “Oh that’s ok then I was worried you didn’t like them!” She laughed.

I couldn’t believe the difference, it was exactly as I wanted and what we had previously discussed. Dr Karoo came back in soon after, and the nurse said “oh you missed the most wonderful reaction!”. He had a good look at them and told us how pleased he was with the result. He showed me where he had removed cartilage on the top of my left ear and showed me that he had re created a fold in my ear which I didn’t once have.

I wiped the tears from my face with a tissue the nurse had given me as I still looked at myself taking it all in. He didn’t realise what he had done for me, my confidence instantly boomed. I felt normal. He took a few photos as he did before, and had to go. He asked the nurse to do a small clean up and remove the stitches at the top of my ear. We discussed a follow up appointment for August and he reminded me to be careful and to wear a head band for the next 6 weeks to bed, and as much as I could around the house.

I lost count how many times I thanked him before he left. The nurse sat on the bed next to me and started wiping the back of my ears and cleaning them carefully. She then moved onto removing my stitches, this I didn’t feel like was her forte. She tugged and tugged as I clenched my jaw and squeezed my eyes shut. I caught a glance of my mum wincing in the corner. (She is no good with anything to do with pain or blood) I was just praying she wasn’t going to pass out! I sat texting Matt as she tried to pull them out and she had a go at me and told me to sit still. Oops😂🙈

After she had finished we were free to leave, it felt amazing to have my bandages off. My ears felt really tender and sore but I couldn’t wait to get home to show Matt. I cried the whole way home I was over come with emotion. When I got home matt shouted as I came through the door “let’s see let’s see” I popped my head around the corner with my hood up, and explained they were really swollen. I pulled down my hood and he smiled, “wow they look great,are you happy?” He asked.

I crumbled into his arms as he wrapped them around me, I couldn’t get my words out but he knew I was happy. I think I will see the full results in the next 6 weeks or so. I have a follow up appointment at the end of August with Dr Karoo to see how they are healing. Hi am so so happy with how they turned out, it was the best money I’ve ever spent. And I would do it all over again!

Before surgery
After surgery

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