Charlie @ 9 Months!

Woah slow down baby boy your growing way to fast. I’m struggling to deal with the fact time is flying by so quickly. Where has my newborn gone? My little baby is growing up before my eyes, and as much as I love watching his personality shine through it makes me sad.

He wakes me up every morning chatting away, even with the monitor on mute I can hear him from the next room. As soon as I walk into his room and I see that smile beaming at me I’m not tired anymore. He giggles constantly and it’s so infectious.

He’s still sleeping all the way through the night with not even the slightest sound. We are incredibly lucky. Charlie has 6 teeth 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom, but I’ve just noticed another 2 starting to break through either side of his bottom two teeth. He is constantly on the go it’s like he can’t sit still! He is everywhere and into everything! He’s so fast at crawling I can’t turn my back for a second.

He’s also started pulling himself up 🙈 seriously have to have eyes in the back of my head now! He’s always been really strong on his legs even from a few months old, and he’s always wanted to be stood up. So it’s no suprise that he’s trying to get up more and more now! He is still going through this thing of hating having his nappy changed or getting dressed. It never used to bother him but all of a sudden it’s like he has a meltdown every time!

Other than that he’s super happy! He eats really well, absolutely loves his food. We do half baby led and half spoon fed. He loves his fruit, so he has it every day. The only thing he’s slightly turned his nose up at was a tuna sandwich but everything else we’ve tried him with has been fine. Actually crazy to see how much he’s changing every month, I can’t wait to put all his pictures together from 0-12 months, although I’m not ready for him to turn 1 at in the slightest!!

We’re off on our first family holiday on Wednesday to Alcudia, and we cannot wait! I’ll definitely be blogging our trip just hope it all goes well!



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