Surviving 6 Months!

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know the drill by now – warning this ones a long one! ☕️🍫🍿

Woohoo we made it! Charlie is officially 6 months old today. I can’t quite believe how quickly time has passed us by and sitting here now it does make me quite emotional. My baby isn’t such a baby anymore and I’m struggling to deal with how fast he’s growing up – please slow down baby boy! So I didn’t forget him, or leave him anywhere, I managed to remember to feed him and I think he actually quite likes me ha! Me and Matt often say to each other “he’s still here” like oh well done we’ve managed to look after him! 

I’ve always been maternal, and when we found out I was pregnant I was absolutely over the moon. I couldn’t wait to be a mum, although I’ll be honest it’s been bloody hard! The first two months were the most difficult, people will always tell you “your life will completely change” “you have no idea what your in for” and as much as I knew this was the case, you don’t REALLY get it till It happens. Your whole world flips upside down (for the better obv) gone are the days where all you had to worry about was what you were going to have for dinner!

Charlie wasn’t the easiest of babies, in fact for the first 10 weeks I don’t know how we survived. I was lucky I had Matt home for 5 of those weeks, but never the less it was a rough ride. We both didn’t have a clue what we were doing if we were doing the right things etc. The sleep deprivation is REAL. Charlie had really bad colic and it was probably the worst time I’ve ever experienced. It really messed my head up, he wasn’t sleeping and in constant pain. Meaning we were up all hours. When Matt had to go back to work it was even worse as I’d send him downstairs so at least one of us would sleep! Charlie would cry all the time he was never a content baby it was like something was always bothering him.

One night, Charlie was screaming blue murder I’d tried everything feeding/changing/cuddling nothing was calming him down if anything it was making him worse! I cried with him, I had his dummy in my mouth and I bit down hard, I was begging for him to stop crying. I felt like my head was going to explode! My eyes were burning, I’d been up for 4 hours trying to settle him I was loosing the will to live. In the end I put him back down in his crib next to our bed and closed the bedroom door behind me. He screamed & screamed, I sat on the landing curled up in a ball rocking back and forth balling my eyes out. Matt appeared at the stop of the stairs, and wrapped his arms around me as soon as saw me. That night was hands down the hardest night and the only night I questioned whether I was fit to be his mum. I was so glad matt finally managed to calm him and get him off to sleep. 

As the weeks went by I couldn’t differentiate between day & night and each day would just roll into the next. I was a zombie I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and often questioned whether Matt would ever want to have sex with me again! I tried to get out the house as much as possible, staying in would often drive me stir crazy. And day time TV is mind numbing! I would always try and get my head down whenever the baby was sleeping as I knew come nighttime I would be up ALL night long. Matt would come home from work and I’d go upto bed so in the first few weeks, so we didn’t see too much of each other. 

By month 3 it was like someone was looking down on me thinking god this girl needs a break! Charlie became this totally different baby, I don’t know what it was but my baby became happy!!! HOORAY! We couldn’t believe it, he was content and smiling. It was like he woke up one day and decided actually, I quite like it round here and these two dumber & dumber’s love me a lot,so it’s not too shabby after all! 

I still couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn makeup, and my hair was constantly shoved on to of my head or in a ponytail. I’d have to set reminders to wash my hair! (I still do I’m not even joking) But, I had a happy baby and it made things so much easier! We went out a lot more because I didn’t have to worry about him having a melt down every 5 min and thank the lord, his colic had buggard off! We were finally quite established in the world of parenting and finally knew why, and what he would cry for. Charlie started teething at around 12 weeks and looking back now it was the start of a huge storm which was to come later on. Also, baby TV is an absolute god send – trust me!

By month 4, me & Charlie we’re out galavanting most of the week we’d go see my mum, meet friends, and go for walks. I joined a gym which had an on-site creche included in my gym membership, which meant I could drop Charlie off go do my workout and pick him up. This was great for me because it got me out of the house & gave Charlie a chance to interact with other babies & children a few times a week.  I bought a jumperoo which he would tolerate for 10-15 min enough time for a cuppa tea & to get dressed! He was an absolute dream, apart from the very rare epic meltdowns which I have dedicated a blog for. 

Charlie’s first tooth was causing mayhem, it was getting sharper by the day and it felt like all I did was dose him up on calpol. Teething really is stressful for both of us! As tired as I was every morning going in and seeing that little smile greet me just melted my heart, & still does every day.

Month 5 was my favourite & challenging month with Charlie, his first tooth had fully come through which was great we were over the worst of teething. But, his second had just started and it was like we were back to square one all over again. Charlie was getting more adorable every single day, his personality was shining through and he just made everything better! His little giggle is infectious and as he got older the more we’d hear it. He was much better at settling himself, and I could quiet believe it when he started sleeping straight through the night. He decided he loves sleeping on his belly, I found it really hard to settle knowing he was on his belly it really made me nervous. But I know now he’s absolutely fine, and it’s what he finds most comfortable. 

We started weaning with Charlie at 5 months and honestly he’s taken to it like a duck to water but I’ve done another blog on our weaning experience. I was now able to do more things without having to worry, we could stay out all day and it not be a problem. I could leave him with my mum if I needed to nip out knowing full well he’d be an angel. Things have become much easier as he’s gotten older, he’s able to entertain himself for longer which gives me time to brush my hair haha, make food etc. He was becoming a little boy!

I have loved these last 6 months, I feel like I’ve grown as a person & as a mother. Matt has been such a fantastic father, he too has grown. We’ve laughed, we’ve screamed and we’ve cried together over the last 6 months – all 3 of us! Having a baby has changed my life, I can’t remember what it was like before Charlie now. I cherish every single day the 3 of us spend together. He is my biggest achievement, he fills my heart with joy and I love watching him grow. Roll on the next 6 months!! ❤️


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