Baby number 2!

Wooh hold your horses now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I am NOT pregnant! But I thought I would write about the potential of baby number 2.

The thought of having another Charlie makes my heart swell. Looking at him now I’m like yes yes yes I want another one now! Me & Matt have already had countless conversations about having another baby. We have always agreed we wanted two children. Matt would have a football team if he could!

I get excited at the thought of having a another baby. 1. Because I know what to expect. 2. We won’t feel like complete idiots not knowing what to do! 3. Having a baby is just the best best thing we ever did. Matt will often say it scares him thinking about having another baby, that’s because the first 12 weeks with Charlie were absolutely horrendous.

It doesn’t scare me though, because I know if we had another tough baby we would be prepared. Yes it would be rough, but we’ve been through it and come out the other end. We are so into the swings of parenting life now that I think we would have a much easier time than first time around. If we had a happy baby from the get go we just wouldn’t know ourselves!

We are by no means in a rush to get pregnant again. I’m really enjoying not being pregnant, and I’m loving my time I have one on one with Charlie. We did say we would rather a smaller age gap than a larger one between Charlie & baby number 2. But there is absolutely no pressure to get things going again. We want to enjoy this year and we have a few things popping up for next year.

I also decided that I would be looking after myself first and foremost. This means I want to be physically & mentally fit for another pregnancy which I’m currently not. I have at least 2 stone to loose before I will be at a comfortable weight. If you read my pregnancy story you’ll understand why I’m so determined on my second pregnancy being a totally different experience.

So in a nut shell, yes there will be baby number 2 but we haven’t decided when! I honestly think I will have another boy too! Just putting it out there! For now, I’m happy curling up with my little monkey 💙


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